Title: She Makes You Feel Young

Author: Linda, Brynna, Brynnamorgan
Rating: M for this place. If you want it unedited go to my LiveJournal. ;-)
Characters: House/Cameron
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Written for the fourth HC-Smut-A-Thon Challenge. We were challenged to a drabble – less than 500 words. The mention of summer, or taking place in the summer had to be in the drabble. The smut had to take place outdoors.

So, believe it or not, this baby was EXACTLY 500 words before I edited it slightly for Fan Fiction dot net primetime.

With thanks, always, to my beta TrinityWildcat. How she puts up with my last-minute submissions totally escapes me!

As usual, I do not make claims to own The Limping Twerp and The Stuffed Animal Made by Grandma. David Shore & Co. have that fortune. Unfortunately David Shore & Co. don't do with them what I do. Mwah.

She Makes You Feel Young

You watch her, young, sensual, vibrant, as she skips down to the shoreline of the small lake. You should feel old. You wonder why you don't.

She's made you feel young again.

She sets the tote bag on the ground, then spreads the blanket out – you find it hard to take your eyes off of her as you dismount the motorcycle and pull your cane out of its mounts.

Suddenly she looks up and gives you an impish smile. "Come on, cripple, get moving," she teases, her eyes taking on a sultry look that takes your breath away. Daring you.

A few hop-limp strides and you are in front of her, your hands coming to rest on her hips. Low-rider jeans, tantalizing bare abdomen, silky skin beneath your callused hands; all entice you to drag your thumbs lightly along the edge of the fabric. Her breath catches and you grin, raising a brow at her.

"Food first," she admonishes, tugging you down to the blanket with her. You drop the cane to one side then stretch out under the summer sun with a sigh.

'Food' was nothing more some really cool bread she'd picked up at a deli and an equally cool bottle of wine that you had to go easy on. Somebody had to drive.

First she was being silly, getting you to laugh (how long had it been before you'd come to your senses had you really laughed?) when she playfully stuck pieces of bread between your lips. The playfulness turned to sensuality when she lifted up your tee shirt and drizzled wine down the center of your chest, then bent to lick and suck it off of your skin.

Suddenly you have her flat on her back, naked from the waist up. It's your turn with the wine. She whimpers as you draw a lazy, cool line between her breasts, then around each hardening nipple. Your mouth follows, lapping up each drop, sucking it leisurely off of her nipples. Back up to her lips, where you devour her mouth hungrily before returning to the task at hand.

You have her thighs draped over your shoulders as you take your sweet time exploring her. A drizzle of the wine along the length of her sex makes her gasp, followed by a moan as you slowly lap it up. You flick your tongue across her, smugly listening to her cries, feeling her hands clench in your hair as she thrusts against you.

When you finally are inside of her, thrusting in rhythm with the movement of her hips and the arch of her graceful body, you think that right then, at that very moment, nothing could be more beautiful than the sight of Allison coming undone beneath you. She screams out your name and this pushes you over the edge to blissful completion, emptying inside of her with a hoarse cry.

She makes you feel young.