Title :Little Host

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"You won't get any merit by sleeping with me, Kyoya-senpai." Fujioka Haruhi said with her big eyes set into mischievous onyx ones. Ootori Kyoya was taken aback as he stared into those chocolate orbs.

He smiled.

"You're right." Kyoya crawled off Haruhi and reached for his spectacles. But upon setting it on the bridge of his nose, he got a full view of what he was about to do just seconds ago.

There was Haruhi, in her little pink nightgown. The said nightgown was clinging to her body frame just nicely, showing off all of her feminine curves. The title 'Miss A cup' that the twins gave her certainly didn't do any justice, Kyoya noticed. He wondered if the twins would actually call her that if they saw her in that heavenly nightgown.

Wait a minute. Heavenly? Curves? That can't be right.

There are many stupid things that Kyoya had done but never had the decency to admit. But what he had got himself into that night was by far, the stupidest yet. Retard, more like it. And why in the name off all that is holy didn't Haruhi protest? She could've stopped him. She could've scream or kick him in the gut, or.. something!

But as he pinned Haruhi yet again on the bed, the only thing that was on his mind was his conscience screaming betrayal to his best friend.

Haruhi was scandalized. No, she was furious. No, that's not it.. She was scared. Yeah.. and confused. Or better yet, she was scandalized, furious, scared, and confused. People always resolve to self blame whenever something bad happens. Its a well known fact.

'Why didn't I stop him? I was more than capable to do so! Even if he didn't stop, I still could've screamed, or kick him, or well.. something!'


But then, it's never enough to put the blame on one's self. Therefore, resulting in the person to put the blame on his or her partner in crime.

'And what drove him into doing that in the first place? I thought I made it clear he didn't have anything to gain!'

'But did he listen?' her eyes darted to the arm that was holding her hostage.

'Apparently NO.'

Haruhi would have liked nothing better than stay there and wait for Kyoya to wake up so she could kill him. But rationality kicked in as the rest of the Host Club flashed through her mind. It's bad enough that they did that evil little deed. She didn't need five upset teenage boys badgering her to top it all off.

Slowly and gently, she lifted Kyoya's arm from her waist but paused as Kyoya stirred. His arm went from Haruhi's grasp and made itself comfortable around her waist yet again. Haruhi blink. How on the world is she supposed to get out of the room if Kyoya subconsciously refused to let her go and had a content smile on his face as he snuggled against her (blush) exposed skin? The content smile was so cute that it almost made her change her mind.


Sighing, she lifted the arm that was twice as tight as before from her waist and earned herself a groan of protest. Now freed from her prison, she scanned the room for her clothes. The way that everything was scattered made her think that she did protest after all.

'Or,' her mind started to say. 'You encouraged him enough to rip it all off. That'll explain why everything is such a mess.'

Haruhi shook her head furiously to clear the not so comforting thought. There is no way that she encouraged this ridiculously foolish act.

Was it even possible?

She donned her garments in record time and quietly opened the door. As she slipped into the early morning air, Kyoya opened his eyes and stared at the door as it closes.

Haruhi sat at the dining table and ate her meal as quietly as she can. A difficult task, when there was five hyperactive boys in the dining room. Ok, four hyperactive boys not counting Mori who was eating his breakfast with on eye on his food and the other on his cousin.

The door to the dining room opened and Haruhi tensed. She could still hear the soft footsteps despite the commotion that was in progress. The empty chair to her right was taken by the new comer. And as he reached for the toasts, their eyes met in a nanosecond before both looked away with blushes on their faces.

No one in the room seemed to notice the awkwardness between the two teens. A good thing, in Kyoya's opinion. Otherwise, he'll have a lot of question to answer. The looks that Mori was throwing at him was bad enough, thank you very much.

Haruhi finished her breakfast, excused herself, and bolted through the doors, leaving five slightly stunned faces and a positively guilty face.

"Ne, Kyo-chan. Why are you poking your toast like that?" Kyoya's eyes snapped from the hole-filled toast to Hunny who had recovered the shock of seeing Haruhi fleeing the room. "I know! You want chocolate, right? Bun-Bun and I'll go take some for you, ok?"

Kyoya forced a smile that would've won him the Academy Awards. "No, thank you Hunny-senpai. I'm just not that hungry, I suppose. Now excuse me for I have some packing to do."

And he bolted through the door in a perfect imitation of Haruhi.

"Was the toast that bad?" Asked Hunny. Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Tamaki could only shrug.

Kyoya knew he would have to face her sooner or later, but he would prefer it to be later rather than sooner. To bad, because he bumped into Haruhi right after his unceremonious exit from the dining room.


'Aw crap.'

"Uh, Haruhi. Good morning."

'Good morning? That's the best you can come up with?'

"Um, yes. It is. A good morning, I mean."

'Ok, you can do this. Just apologize…'

"I uh.."

'That's right, just tell her you're sorry that your wretched hormones got the better of you.'


'Just say it already!'

"You left this in my room when you left in a hurry." He blurted out, a hair clip in his out stretched hand.

'Oh, way to go, genius.'

Haruhi's face flushed crimson and took the pink thing from Kyoya's palm. If she had to rate this moment on the awkward-o-meter, it would probably be a 10.

"Uh.. thanks."

And that was it. The only thing those two oh-so-shy teen said to each other for the rest of the day. An easy thing to do, considering that the noise made on the ride home was more than enough to cover their silence.

Too bad things can't stay silent-or small- for long.

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