Title: The Cave

Author: Temperance Brennan

Rating: T

Summary: Tempe and Booth are stuck in a cave... Not much else it's fluffy and short. BXB

Authors Note: This isn't all that great, but I wanted to write something to do with her hating small spaces etc. and I randomly wrote this at three in the morning, so please excuse any mistakes… They're both a little too OOC for my liking… But some people to mind OOC-ness so yes…

Disclaimer: I do not own Bones!


Chapter One: Small Spaces


Temperance shuddered involuntarily. Just the sight of the narrow cave made her heart rate speed up, if there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was small spaces such as the cave in front of her. She felt his hand on the small of her back, reassuring her. He knows; he knows that I hate my job when it comes times like this.

"We'd like to go in alone first," Booth said firmly to the workers behind him. He knew me too well. He knew I would hate to have my crime scene contaminated, but he also knows neither of us is sure how I would react in here.

"Tempe, there's nothing to worry about." He said softly, so that only she could hear. "Do you want to go in ahead of me, or behind me?" She just shrugged, either way she had to go in. She had to find the body, record the evidence and get the hell out again.

"Thank you, Booth," she whispered as she followed him into the cave, she wasn't sure if he could hear her or not, but it didn't matter.

The walls were slimy and smelled of moss and soil. She could hear her own quick breaths, and Booth's deep breathes, she could hear water trickling down the walls. She had to stop a fair way in, and catch her breath.

She was struggling to breath, and she knew at once she was panicking. "B-Booth," she said, but there was no answer. She tried to calm her breathing, and leant heavily on the cave wall. "Booth," She said louder, and heard running footsteps as he came back to her.

"Are you okay?" Booth asked, and she could vaguely see his concern etched on his face with her flash light, he dropped his flash light to the ground and put a cold hand to her forehead.

"I'll be okay. Just give – me a minute." She said hesitantly, feeling pathetic and weak for being like this.

"Everyone has a fear, Temperance." He said, and smirked. "Irrational fears mainly. Yours is a fear many people have," She nodded to say she was ready to go, but didn't answer what he'd said, she wasn't really sure what to say. She didn't even notice he'd had a hold of her hand until he let go to get his flash light.


"The victim has definitely been burned," she said pinching the bridge of her nose. She was glad that the cave had finally widened. The body lay in the middle of the floor, charred, and it smelled worse than she could've imagined.

Processing Burn Victims there's always a terrible stench, but since the body had been in a cave, it hadn't burned all the flesh away; the fire had died down quickly. She wondered how long this person had suffered; she didn't want to speculate, so she began speaking into her Dictaphone, but only things she knew for a fact. She really wasn't one to theorize.

"What's that sound?" Booth asked, raising an eye brow. She felt her hand quiver and nearly dropped her evidence bag. She quickly closed the zip lock and snatched up her flash light. The floor seemed to be moving under her feet.

"Booth!" she cried, and she felt his strong hand wrap around her elbow as the floor trembled and shook. A loud crash and rumbling sound echoed around the cave and she fell to the cold rocky ground, she felt Booth fall with her and they lay side by side panting as pebbles fell from the roof, and the trembling stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

"Earthquake," Booth said dusting himself off and reaching down a hand to help her up. She nodded, it was obvious what it was, and it didn't make her feel any better. Her mind went straight to worst case scenario, the cave entrance was blocked.

"Let's make sure we can still get out, and then I'll see how contaminated the crime scene is," she said pointing to the body now covered in pebbles and sections of moss from the roof of the cave.

Booth went ahead, shaking his flash light which seemed to be running out of batteries. If she wasn't so terrified she may have turned her flash light off to save the battery. But all she could think of was getting out of this cave, and taking deep breaths in the fresh air, in the sunshine.

"Fuck," she'd never heard Booth swear before, but she felt his strong arms wrap around her. "Don't worry; they'll get us out of here." He said. It was then she realised why he'd sworn, and she pulled away from him sharply, knocking her head on the wall. She didn't notice the pain, just directed the flash lights beam onto the wall of rock blocking their way out of the cave. They'd only gone about forty feet from the burn victim.