Chapter Four: Freedom, at last.


"You can move your foot to the left and you'll find a rock you can step on," Booth said. She felt strange having Booth hold her, her ass in his face. He didn't complain about how heavy she was, or swear when her foot slipped and he had to catch her. She finally reached the gap at the top and squeezed her self through.

A few rocks either side of her fell through and onto the other side. She saw people scatter, and she looked up at the roof, frightened that it'd fall in now. But nothing happened and she pulled her whole body through. She knew Booth would fit through now; it was just a matter of him being able to get high enough to get through the gap. Many hands grabbed her and helped her down.

"Booth, pass the things through…" She said firmly, hoping no one noticed the slight waver in her voice. What if Booth couldn't get through? She decided she'd go back over and get him if he couldn't make it. She'd go sit with him until they found a way to get him out. It was stupid, and irrational but she felt she was very irrational when it came to Booth today, and it felt alright to be out of control every once in a while.

The things were thrown through the gap, and she caught them a long with the other people waiting. Including, she noticed, Booths son parker standing quite far away, struggling in his mothers arms to get closer to the rocks.

She heard Booth slip, and felt a scream rip from her throat. Arms held her back so she couldn't run to him. "I'm okay," she heard Booth call, and this time she heard scrambling and then saw his face appear in the gap. She grinned with relief, and felt the arms around her loosen.

The men closest helped Booth to squeeze through the gap. When he finally reached the ground she ran straight to him and hugged him, so glad they were both out, both safe. Booth hugged her back, and she pulled away when she, out of the corner of her eye, saw Parker finally escape from his mothers grasp, and run to his father. Booth squeezed Parker tightly. "I'm okay Bub." He said to his son, and winked at her.

Things had changed for them in that cave, but she decided that it had changed for the better. Kissing him hadn't made things awkward between them; maybe they could finally get rid of some of that sexual tension. She grinned at the thought, and gathered up her things, ready to go home.

The end