Teacher's Pet

"Alex Cabot? Our Alex Cabot?" Detective Olivia Benson repeated herself, unable to wrap her head around what Cragen was telling her. Judging from the expression on Elliott's face, he couldn't either. Munch and Fin, however, were exchanging amused grins, barely able to suppress their snickers of amusement.

"Our Alex Cabot." Cragen nodded, a small smile creeping onto his face. "The security guards who pulled Alex off the other lawyer are bringing them both down here to cool off."

To Munch, this was better than an alien abduction. "Who's the other guy?"

"Some arrogant defense attorney. They didn't give me a name."

"Who knew that the WASPs could fight?" Munch joked, eliciting a chuckle from the group.

"Alex certainly didn't seem like the type." Everyone turned as the doors to the precinct burst open. Alex and some guy were ushered inside by two burly security guards. The man had a busted lip and the beginnings of a black eye, while Alex barely had a scratch on her. Her hair was ruffled but it was obvious that she was the victor of the fight.

"Hey, Slugger!" Munch greeted her, grinning widely.

"I demand that someone file charges against this woman!" The man spoke up, his voice filled with pompous indignation.

"And who might you be?" Elliott extended his hand to the man, trying not to snicker as he got a better look at the wounds inflicted by their harmless-looking A.D.A..

"I'm Richard Brenner and that harpy assaulted me!"

Cragen wanted to diffuse the situation but mostly, he had no desire to listen to the blowhard. "Put Mr. Brenner in interrogation room B." The guard nodded, leading the fuming man down the hallway. Once he was out of earshot, the entire squad looked to Alex.

"What?" She gave an innocent smirk, smoothing her hair down.

"Tell us what the hell happened, Alex!" Olivia couldn't help but smile. She was definately beginning to see their A.D.A. in a brand new light.

"I'm going to plead the fifth on that." Alex leaned against Munch's desk, crossing her arms in a nonchalant stance.

"On, come on! You have to give us more than that." Their merriment was unexpectantly cut short when Elizabeth Donnelly flew through the doors like a bat straight out of hell.

"What in the name of God were you thinking?" She quickly singled Alex out, pinning her with an icy glare. "You'll be lucky if you aren't brought up on charges! I'm going to have to spend the rest of the week making sure that your sorry ass doesn't get sued, along mine, the police departments and the District Attorney's office!"

Alex hung her head. "Liz, I-"

"I'm not finished yelling at you yet!" The older woman looked so irate that Cragen was afraid that another fight might break out right there in his squad room. "I have half a mind to fire you right this minute! You-" Cragen interrupted Liz with an impish smile.

"Liz, the defense attorney she assaulted was Richard Brenner." In an instant, Elizabeth Donnelly seemed to completely deflate. A very slow and slightly evil smile took residence on her face.

"-And I have half a mind to buy you dinner." Liz finished, grinning at Alex. "And don't worry about punishments. In fact," Liz picked up Alex's briefcase, leading her out of the room with a smile. "I think we need to discus a raise…" The squad watched them go, clearly confused by the abrupt shift in atmosphere.

Olivia turned to Cragen. "Did we miss something?"

"Richard Brenner was Liz's second husband…or third, maybe." He shrugged. "Either way, Alex has just become Liz's favorite A.D.A."

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