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Chapter 1

Enter the Ninja Tournament

A young man with blonde hair, wearing an orange vest with dark pants, stood on a hill overlooking the legendary village of Grandohaika This was where the Great Ninja Tournament was to be held. The boy looked toward his sensei that was leaning on a tree. The man had shaggy brown hair and wore a red vest, and had long black pants. On his hands he had red gloves, which symbolized him as the Legendary Ninja Master of Fire, Michael. "I'm so excited," the young man with blonde hair said to his sensei.

"I bet you are Naruto-kun," Michael replied. He smiled at Naruto then moved his eyes back to the village. "Ready to go apprentice?"

"You bet I am," Naruto said as he jumped in the air and started running down to the village. Michael gave a short laugh before following after his eager apprentice.

"It's been a while since seeing your friends from Konoha, I bet you are excited!" Michael called out to Naruto.

"Oh yeah," Naruto replied. "I hope they have gotten stronger like I have."

"I bet they have," Michael laughed. They continued their run into the village.


Grandohaika was bigger than all of the other main villages. It had a lot of shops and other nice things to buy, like weapons, and scrolls for ninja training. Neji sat near a railing talking with the ones competing in the actual torunament. "I hope Naruto-kun shows up," he told the others.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Naruto-kun will show up," Tenten said with a nod. She wore her brunnete hair into two buns and had a pink Chinese shirt plus blue pants.

"Yeah, Naruto-kun won't be late," Lee agreed. He had black hair with a green shirt and black pants. Around part of his arms he wore bandages.

"He won't be late," Hinata said. She was leaning against Kiba while they talked.

"I can't wait to fight him," Kiba said excitedly. "I'll finally see if I have improved."

"Yep," Gaara nodded. He was tall with a black shirt and black pants. The jar he usually had on his back wasn't there anymore. He had red hair with a tattoo above his left eye. The competitors continued to talk for a while, awaiting the start of the tournament.


Naruto followed Michael towards the registration desk to sign up for the tournament. "Name please," the attendant said in a calm voice. She had long green hair with glasses fit squarely on her nose.

"Naruto," the blonde shinobi answered. The attendant nodded her head as she wrote down his name.

"What village are you from?" She then asked.

"Konoha," Naruto replied.

"Alright, that should do it, head over to where the ninja from Konoha are gathering," she said as she pointed towards the hidden leaf village's entrance.

"My name is Michael," the man asked once it was his turn. She wrote it down then asked the same question.

"Konoha," Michael replied. She finished recording the information then nodded toward the Konoha entrance. He walked off to join Naruto with his other friends.

"You made it Naruto-kun," Lee said excitedly.

"Yep, I would never miss this for a second," Naruto laughed. Michael walked up and put a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"Don't get cocky young one," Michael said with a smirk.

"I'm not cocky," Naruto retorted. The others laughed at his frustration.

"So you must be the legendary Michael-sensei," Tenten said with a smile.

"Yep, that's me," Michael said with a huge smile.

"Now whose cocky," Naruto smirked. Michael's face went red with rage.

"Shut up apprentice!" Michael yelled. Everyone laughed at this. Tenten looked at Naruto then all of a sudden began to blush. Neji caught this and gave a little smirk.

"Hey, Tenten-chan," Neji whispered. Tenten turned to him to see what he wanted. "Do you have a crush on Naruto-kun."

"I...u-ummm," Tenten stuttered.

"I take that as a yes," Neji gave a short laugh. Tenten blushed at this. "Why don't you tell him?"

"Maybe later," Tenten said as she turned to face the others. They continued talking until they heard the announcer begin to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the voice shouted to the crowd. "Here to be our referee for these matches is Gandisin. He will now give out the rules for the tournament. Gandisin."

"Thank you Mr. Monhiro," Gandisin thanked. "Now for this tournament there are a little number of things to go over. One is, that before each match the computer will show which person will fight which. The next thing is, to be winner of a match you must either kill your opponent or your opponent surrenders. However, if I say that the fight is over then the fight ends instantly." The compeitors turned to each other and began to talk about the rules.

"As for the field," Gandisin began again. "You can use any part of the field to battle on, just don't carry the fight into the stands. Now that all of the small talk is out of the way, let us find out who our first two fighters will be." The referee turned to look at the screen as the first name began to appear. Naruto was what the first name proclaimed. And his opponent's name was stated as being the soaring ninja, Diso. "Will the challengers please enter the arena," Gandisin commanded. Naruto nodded to the others and walked off.

"Good luck Naruto-kun!" Tenten yelled to him as he entered the arena. Naruto looked up and smiled at her. She blushed again at his smile. Naruto blushed also. There were many rude comments coming from the crowd at the arrival of Naruto. Naruto shook it off and glared at his opponent Diso. He was a tall man with black pants and grey muscular skin. He had wings coming out of his back along with red slits for eyes.

"Naruto, Diso," Gandisin said. "Round 1 of the Grand Ninja Tournament. Begin!" Naruto took out a kunai and glared at his opponent.

"I will win this!" Naruto yelled.

"In your dreams," came Diso's calm reply. Naruto charged at the winged ninja, who also brought out a kunai and charged forward. Their kunai clashed together creating a large clash of energy as their chakra levels collided at the same time also. The battlefield filled with smoke as the crowd waited anxiously to see if the fighters were still alive. The tournament had begun, but who would walk away the winner. Only time, would tell.

To be continued...

End Chapter

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