Aki- This is my first Boy Meets World fic. I loved this show 4ever.

Sum- 'You never should have been best friends and you know it. You were the slum from the trailer park and he was classic middle class. But it never mattered to Cory.' A oneshot about friendship. Not slash.

Never should have been

You never should have been best friends and you know it. It never made sense, but that was the beauty in it. You were the slum from the trailer park and he was classic middle class. He was destined to continue in the middle class, with a wife and kids and some boring job. You, on they other hand, were a fated alcoholic, felon, and trailer trash. But somehow that didn't stop either of you.

No one thought your friendship would make it all these years. They always figured that sometime, when you got older, that your paths would split apart. Everyone thought so, even if they refused to admit it. Cory's parents, Mr. Feeny, Topanga, practically everyone at school, even you…but never Cory.

That why he was such an amazing best friend, in short, an amazing person. He never gave up on you, even when the world had given up on you. Even when you had given up on yourself. He never let go. Sure there had been some tough times, some close calls, but that brought all the closer.

You should have never been best friends. Not you, Shawn, the womanizer, the problem child, the class clown, the prankster, the c-student and bumbling, playful, good-hearted Cory.

Not you, the orphan and him, in the family of six, married before graduating college.

Not you with the criminal record, and him, who never played hooky a day in his life.

Not you, the ultimate screw up and him, with his almost perfect life.

Not you, who can never deal with anything, and him, who can resolve any problem.

But still…Best friends forever. Through middle school, high school, and college. Through girlfriends, breakups, and marriages. Through births and deaths. Through peer pressure and fights and hard times and misunderstandings. Through it all.

So you sit here thinking how from such different beginnings you are both, Cory and Shawn, college gradates with a woman who is your soul mate and true love by your side. How you both have dreams and aspirations and jobs and are ready to take the world by storm and live your lives to the fullest not matter how much the possibilities of the future is scary. How you both know, have learned, that the best place to be is with the people you care about, your family.

So you sit here wondering how you, so different, could have turned out so similar. It was because he was there for you your whole life when no one else was. Not your mother, not your father, not any single girl or teacher or other friend or relative, but he was. He is your best friend. He is your brother. He is your mentor. He is your support system. He is your family. He never gave up on you. He never let go. He never let you go astray or wonder for long.

You think there are not enough words to describe him and how he held your life together when you were ready to let it fall apart.

Suddenly you realize, you understand, why. Why he was your best friend. Because he always believed in your friendship. He kept it as if it was something sacred and special. Maybe it was because he wasn't good at making close friends. Maybe it was because you guys had known each other for so long. Maybe it was because he wanted to prove the world wrong. Maybe it was because you were always there for him too. But it doesn't matter why he did it. Cory always believed in your friendship, and that was something you never did.