Disclaimer I do not own Voltron, Marvel, or Power Ranger Related material save the merchandise I have received or purchased over the years. This story is entirely fictitious except for the names of the 11 main characters that will be revealed in Chapter 2. These people have given me specific acceptance of the use of their names to do whatsoever I please. I have given them the respect of leaving their last names out of it. This is a story of action and adventure, a rewrite of my earlier work. I do hope you enjoy it, whether you have read the first copy or are just stumbling upon this now. Good day.

Planet Arus

Zarkon's Royal DruleFlagship lies in orbit as hundreds of Drule fighters lay waste to the lands below. Several ships explode with the impact of rockets. Five lights shine in the distance and the Voltron Force come into sight.

Keith- Hold it together team, we'll be fine once reinforcements arrive.

(Over the intercom)

Zarkon- Are you referring to Vehicle Voltron?

The main screen flashes two pictures simultaneously. The left picture containing 15 neatly stored vehicles in the main hangar of Zarkon's ship. The right picture depicts a bloody pile of bodies with two deformed monsters eating off a bone.

Allura- Oh my God!

Keith- We will just have to take this one on alone. Let's form Voltron team.

The five lions fly together in a colored rainbow and with a flash of light the legendary defender of the Universe appears. Voltron combines its two lion arms together and forms the Blazing Sword. A dark shadow begins to illuminate on top of the flagship holding a giant scythe. Dracotron, Voltron's archenemy lunges toward battle. The fight grows tense and Voltron is outnumbered and outmatched.

Lance- Keith! We are losing power and fast! I'm trying to reroute auxiliary to shields but it isn't working.

(On the flagship)

Haggar- Hahahaha Voltron's doom is at hand. This spell will finish him for good!

As the blue light from Haggar's hands disperse Voltron freezes in his place. Dracotron lifts the scythe high in the air, closing in to deliver the final blow.

A light emanates from Voltron's chest and begins to spread outward engulfing Dracotron, the royal flagship, and the Castle of Lions.

(Castle of Lions)

Coran, also known in other realities as Dr. Strange falls to one knee, shivering at the loss of his abilities.

Coran- The universe is safe for now.

The man begins to glow, yet suddenly fades into nothing. The light also disappears and with it the objects it had touched.

Earth, our reality, 2 million BCE

The sky lights up as multiple objects streak towards the earth. Over 2 million years have passed and the lions sleep, waiting for the pilots they lost long ago.