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The paramedic's rush into the basement and help Gibbs and Leslie up. By the time they get to them to the living room Leslie seems to be more agitated and restless. The paramedic examines her and confirms that aside from the bruising around her neck and cheek, all her other wounds are still sealed and healing well. Just then Ducky walks back into the house and overhears the paramedics advising Leslie that she would be better of in the hospital.

On the other couch another paramedic works on cleaning the knife wounds in Gibbs' neck and helps to put his arm back into its sling. Gibbs observes Leslie, and then makes eye contact with Ducky communicating that he is worried that the evening's events have been too much for her.

As Ducky approaches her she re-iterates more sternly, "No, no more hospitals." Then she sees Ducky and says, "Dr Mallard will take care of me here." Ducky looks at Leslie and he confirms with the paramedics that he will take care of her. The paramedics recommend that she be given pain killers, an anti-inflammatory as well as a sedative to help her calm down. Leslie tries to protest again, but Ducky silences her as he administers the medication himself. The sedative takes effect almost immediately and Ducky arranges for the paramedics to take Leslie up to Gibbs' bedroom.

When Ducky returns to the living room, the paramedic working on Gibbs, just finishes administering a shot and tells Gibbs that, that should help with the pain and that he too should get to bed. Then the paramedics pack up and leave.

"I need coffee." Gibbs says as he makes his way to the kitchen. Ducky follows him and refrains from telling him to go to bed.

"Are you okay, Jethro?" Ducky asks as Gibbs fills a mug with coffee.

"Ducky, it was Ari." Gibbs says as if that should explain everything. "He planned on raping Leslie and killing her in front of me." Gibbs says as he leans heavily against the kitchen counter.

"He forced himself on her and almost killed her tonight. If DiNozzo had not acted when he had….." Gibbs says as he squeezes his eyes shut. Ducky uses the opportunity to place a sedative into Gibbs coffee. He then takes Gibbs by the arm and leads him back to the living room.

"Drink you coffee Jethro. It's over now. His dead and he will not be able to hurt Leslie or you." Ducky says as Gibbs finishes his coffee in one long swallow. Ducky then takes the mug from Gibbs' hands and leads him up a flight of stairs to his bedroom. The sedative already starts taking effect and Ducky is glad when he gets Gibbs into the bed next to Leslie. As Gibbs' head hits the pillow he is fast asleep.

Tony and the team get Ari and Allison's bodies taken to autopsy at NCIS head quarters. They then proceed to clean out Gibbs basement and wrap up the scene. When Tony and McGee make their way back to the living room they find Ducky dozing off on the couch.

"Ducky, are they okay?" McGee asks quietly, not wanting to startle the older man.

"Oh, Timothy, Anthony. They're asleep upstairs. Leslie was very angry and agitated and Jethro was highly distressed. I'm afraid we had to tranquilize both of them or else they would have been quite difficult to handle right now." Ducky replies.

"I don't blame Leslie for her reaction." Tony says as he fills Ducky in on how Ari molested her and taunted Gibbs.

"Good God, Leslie is right to be so angry and Jethro will probably blame himself for all of this." Ducky says thoughtfully as he shakes his head. The only lingering effect from the drug is a slight headache. Ducky is just grateful that the cake was not poisoned. A few minutes pass in silence as all three of them reflect on the turn of events.

Eventually Tony says, "Ducky you should go home and get some sleep. McGee and I will stay and keep an eye on them." Then Tony stretches out on the couch and closes his eyes.

"Anthony, call me if you need anything." Ducky says as he leaves. McGee then locks the front door and stretches out on the opposite couch. Both agents sleep soundly for the rest of the night.

Very early the next morning Leslie wakes up to the sensation of someone running his fingers through her hair. Her back is to him and the caressing hand progresses from her head down her back. It feels wonderful and Leslie sighs in pleasure as she smiles. She turns over to find Gibbs lying next to her also smiling.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Gibbs asks softly.

"I'm good." Leslie whispers back nothing that although she still has pain, it is bearable.

"You sure? It was pretty rough going last night. I've never had a Probie go through so much on a first case." Gibbs says.

"That's me…. Always jumping in to the deep end." Leslie sighs and then caresses Gibbs' cheek. He turns his face into her palm and kisses it. Leslie sighs deeply as she runs her fingers over Gibb's lips.

"Leslie I'm so sorry about….." Gibbs tries to say.

Leslie just whispers, "Shhhhh" as she looks deeply into his eyes and continues to caress his lips. He looks intently back at her as he takes the tip of her finger into his mouth. Leslie moans out as she turns completely towards him and brings her mouth within millimeters of his.

"Jethro," she sighs as she removes her finger from his mouth and traces his lips with her tongue. Gibbs' loves the way she says his name and his breath becomes laboured as he waits for her to continue. As her tongue enters his mouth, he groans out and pulls her close as he takes command of the kiss. He continues to kiss her passionately as he allows his hands to caress down her back to her hip and then to her curvaceous butt. He squeezes her butt gently and pulls her more firmly against him. The evidence of his arousal is plain to feel and Leslie moans out as she becomes more aroused. Leslie uses her hand to caress down from his neck to his waist. She teases him by pulling on the waist band of his scrubs and Gibbs' breath become harsher as he anticipates her touching his flesh. But this does not stop him from gently running his hand up under her scrubs from her waist to her breast. As he kisses her neck and shoulder, his bare hand closes over her taut nipple and Leslie arches into his embrace and gasps out in pleasure. Gibbs pulls back a bit and says is a husky whisper, "Leslie, I want you….. " Leslie looks deeply into his eyes and responds by sitting up and slowly removing her top. Gibbs groans as he looks at her noting the surgical plasters against her shoulder and side as well as her beautiful naked body.

Within a few seconds, in between kisses and caresses they remove the rest of each other's clothes. Then Gibbs pulls Leslie gently across his lap as he lies back on the bed. "Leslie we can stop if you are not sure about this." Gibbs says hesitantly feeling that he needs her to be sure. Leslie looks at Gibbs from his striking blue eyes to his broad bare chest and taut stomach to the apex of his thighs and she thinks that he is the sexiest man she's ever seen. Gibbs watches her as she looks at him and it increases his arousal tenfold. She leans into him and kisses him lightly on his lips before leaning back and looking deeply into his eyes.

"Jethro I want this. I want you." Leslie says as she lifts herself gently and settles on him. He groans out as she moans at their joining. They set an easy pace enjoying and savouring each moment. But they have wanted this for so long that their climax comes racing towards them with startling and unexpected intensity and force. It leaves both of them gasping for air. As their breathing returns to normal, Leslie slides of Gibbs and places her head on his shoulder. He wraps his good arm around her and holds her close.

"That was amazing." Leslie purrs as she kisses Gibbs chest.

"No, you are amazing? I didn't hurt you, did I?" Gibbs asks as he looks into Leslie's eyes.

"No Jethro, this was exactly what the Doctor ordered." Leslie whispers as she snuggles closer to him and while caressing his chest they both fall off to sleep.

A few hours later they awake and repeat their earlier activity. The second time round they are able to go slower and the intensity of their joining is even more overwhelming. As they cuddle in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Leslie quietly asks, "So who was he and why did he want you dead?"

Gibbs takes a deep breath as he pulls Leslie close and goes on to tell her about Ari and how he had killed Caitlin. Leslie listens intently. When he is done, Leslie kisses his cheek while caressing his neck and chest as she says that she is sorry about Caitlin. She admits however that she is glad that it is all over now and that both of them are safe.

"Jethro, making love to you has given me an appetite. I'm starving so what have you got for breakfast?" Leslie asks, changing the subject, as she wraps the bed sheet around herself and stands up slowly. "I also need to have a shower." Leslie says as she shakes her hair out and then looks around the room for the bathroom. Gibbs gets up and gives Leslie a passionate kiss before pulling on a pair of shorts. He than retrieves a baggy t-shirt and a clean towel from his cupboard and hands it over to Leslie.

"I'll go down and see what I can rustle up for breakfast." Gibbs says as he runs a hand through his hair and points out the bathroom, which is part of his bedroom, to Leslie. She takes a hold of his hand and says, "Jethro, join me." Gibbs raises an eyebrow at her and smiles.

"You've just re-kindled another appetite that I'd like to have filled right now." Leslie says as she lets the sheet drop and she moves into Gibbs' waiting arms.

The End…


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