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Chapter 1: No Chances

"I love you."


It came from the most unlikely source K could have ever imagined. But it didn't end there. Hiro marched towards him and leaned up, a determined look on his face. K noticed him close his eyes, his body pressed against him, almost in a dream like state before placing his mouth over K's. He didn't run or stop it. Silent alarms went off— Hiro was kissing him!

Even for the briefest moment, a fleeting nano-second even, K gave in to that kiss.

But he pulled back, literally pushing Hiro away, his hands clasped onto the guitarist's shoulders. K dared not speak; he just blinked like he was staring at the hot midday sun. How could he have not seen it? His mind raged as he stared at Hiro, astonished. But then everything, all the signs were there and he hadn't been paying attention. Why? Because he didn't think beyond the realm of friendship…that's why. Because he'd been busy working like he always did, not paying attention to his personal life.

K moved back and twirled some of his blonde hair in wondrous thought, a strange look on his face, unable to speak. Ten minutes ago Hiro walked into his office. It was later in the evening, and everyone had gone home for the day. But not K. These days he always stayed behind to work late into the night. It wasn't all work though; he did manage a few beers and a bunch of cigarettes, plus a few glances at a girlie magazine. This was K's time for a little R and R since he no longer had a wife.

More proof that he had allowed his work to take over his life.

But as of late, Hiro had been stopping by before he left. K was sure he had started that a few months ago when he heard Judy left him. Probably felt sorry for him or something. Sometimes Hiro brought a coffee, other times he even brought dinner. They'd sit in his office having dinner, talking about music and stuff. They'd sort of become friends. It seemed harmless to K...if he'd only known the true meanings behind these visits. Once Hiro even invited him to a baseball game, but K never looked beyond all these acts of kindness. He never fathomed that the real reason was because Hiroshi had developed feelings for him.


K groaned a little now. How could he be such a dunce!

"Why now Hiro?" he finally asked, looking Hiro in the eye, "It's only a simple crush that's all. No harm done buddy!" He was positive that this wasn't that deep and clapped Hiro soundly on the shoulder.

Hiro already looked a bit pale, this revelation was hard enough. It had taken two and a half years to be able to conjure up the strength. Tonight he'd steeled himself to tell K what he truly felt. And he'd hid the truth so well, at first not believing it himself. But as his daydreams became night time dreams, his heart fluttering everytime he thought of the roguish American he knew, he just knew.

And Hiro always followed his heart.

But now K's reaction was not how he'd fantasized at all! He wasn't supposed to be looking bewildered, like he was confronted by some highschool crush. Hiro looked down at his sneakers, arms crossing over his plain white t-shirt. The steady thump of his heart was threatening to go into arrest from effort it took to tell K the truth.

But now…

He felt rejected.

He felt like an idiot!

"Forget it…I…I'm going home now," Hiro muttered, eyes wide as if he'd just caught K doing the can-can. He turned to flee the office.

K couldn't believe this, "Wait! When you ended things with Ayaka…that wasn't because of me, was it?" Hiro stopped and he looked back at him quickly. Oh man…he had. K exhaled like he just heard the date of his execution. All these times Hiro hung around, it was because…gawd had he lead him on? K thought he was only being himself, friendly, or that perhaps Hiro was lonely and wanted company. Who was he to argue? He felt kind of lonely himself but he'd never admit to it. It was hard for him to see another man as something more…romantic. He'd just never really thought of it before.

Suddenly he felt a little sad.

"Look Hiro…I had no idea. I'm sorry, but you know I'm sure you'll find your match…in fact I'm positive you will. Why don't we forget about this and get drunk here in the office?" K offered happily. But Hiro only looked at him his brows furrowed.

"No K I don't think so…goodnight," Hiro said resolutely and opened the door, stepping out of the office.

K sighed and stared at the door. Jeez that was weird, but he felt bad for Hiro too. The guy couldn't possibly think he'd felt more than just simple friendship right? And that's all it was, he thought—but he ran to the door and opened it, peeking down the hall. Hiro's steady walk suddenly turned into a sprint for the staircase. He shut the door and sighed once more, he needed a beer and a cigarette right now.

Sitting heavily into his office chair, K sucked on his smoke over beer-wet lips. He knew he shouldn't be so concerned about this, things like this happened all the time. People developed crushes, they were usually innocent and people got over them. Hiro would to, K was sure. But why did he feel so rotten about it? Because Hiro had looked as if his heart was truly broken? Even as much as K liked the guy, he couldn't imagine a relationship. Not that there was anything wrong with that, he wasn't against those things of course.

It just wasn't him…was it?

And it wasn't like this was the only time a guy had urges to him, K recalled a time from college. That time in the locker room and that quarterback from the football team. Devon. They played for The Screaming Eagles. They were all alone; he'd been pulling on a sock when a shadow loomed next to him.

"Claude you fucking pussy, how could you miss that throw today? I lined it up perfectly and the bitch went right through your hands."

"Fuck off Devon," K charged, "The sun was blinding me." And besides Devon's throw wasn't that perfect.

He remembered how odd it was that they were the only two left.

"Hmm, well you're just a newbie…if you don't shape up we'll loose this year's championship. I can't have cunt receivers like you fucking it up for us. So why don't I toughen you up a little…"

Devon sat down next to him and K side glanced at him, perplexed. He shuffled over, leaving more of a gap between them and thrust a foot into a running shoe. "I have communications class, I'll see ya' at the next practice," K said and went to get up. Only Devon grabbed his arm and pulled him down.

"You'll enjoy it I promise," the other man said moving closer, planting his lips on him forcibly.

K gasped, his eyes widening. He was quick to act and also a member of the photography club. He pulled his trusty thirty –five millimetre out and snapped their picture.

Devon pulled back and hollered, "What the fuck was that? Did you just take our picture!"

But K was already sprinting for the door a confident smirk on his face, "Blackmail Devon, don't be offended and don't touch me again. If you do, I'll make sure everyone in this school gets a copy of this picture mailed to their house." He'd gotten half way down the hallway, about to skid around a corner. A few girls giggled and K stopped to ask for their phone number.

"You're dead meat Winchester!" Devon cried at the other end standing only in his towel.

Eeep! "Sorry ladies I'll call you!" clamoured K, grabbing the numbers and running as fast as he could to class.

Stupid Devon, maybe if he wasn't the world's number one jerk, K would have gone easy on him. Only he was very surprised that Devon decided to pick him for some nookie, K wouldn't have thought. That was shocking but Devon never did bother him again, in fear K would post that picture all over the school.

K smirked, he'd honestly not cared if the school thought he himself was gay. Nor did he care if it would have gotten him thrown off the team. Revenge was sweeter.

But this thing with Hiro was a hundred times different. Hiro wasn't a class 'A' jerk. For some reason this time he felt like the jerk. For the first time in long time he contemplated his own life. Something K hadn't done since Judy left him. Oh sure, he still got to see his son, but it had all changed. Instead he'd busied himself with work, focusing on Bad Luck and ratings, being an all out thorn in the music industry's side. He drank too much, smoked too much and hadn't thought of romance at all.

The lonely feeling that he'd been harbouring now felt crippling. He realized watching Hiro leave this evening actually hurt. The one person that showed him the time of day was now cast aside.

And it was his fault.

K popped open his eighth can of beer, propping his legs up on the desk with a thud. He was drunk and feeling sorry for himself. A bad mix when he drank. Maybe he should go home, he thought. Or maybe he should go apologize to Hiro. NO! Why wasn't he just letting this go?

"Well he is a very good looking man…all that red hair. You have to admit Claude he looks hot in those leather pants of his," he muttered to himself drunkenly. "That kiss was kinda nice too."


Grabbing his jacket K wobbled out of his office and left the NG building. Ugh, the summer air was hot and humid tonight and there was lightening and thunder just over yonder. K noticed there were no stars. Not like he could actually focus on one anyways. But perhaps if he could he'd make a wish. But what would he wish for?

He walked along the streets of downtown Tokyo, puffing on another cigarette. Waiting for the rain to fall any minute now, he thought to walk home in the rain. He never lived that far from his work and crossed a busy street dangerously. Cars skidded to a halt and honked angrily at him; K gave them the middle finger and chuckled to himself. Safely on the other side his eyes caught a few TV's all placed artistically in a pyramid in a store window. On the screen was one of Japan's latest hot bands. Neko Neko Paradise. They wore these costumes that made them look like cats: ears, a tail, and whiskers…K snorted. But they were becoming a bit of a rival. Fans were so fickle!

"Hey mister!" someone called.

K turned around to see some older woman beckoning to him. She was at least in her fifties, dressed rather modestly. "Yeah what do you want?'

"I bring the word of God…I trust that you believe in the faith. There is a heaven beyond this world…here take this," she said and thrust a pamphlet into his hand.

He rolled his eyes and laughed. "I don't think I'm going to heaven anyways, I'm sure a much warmer place is where I'll end up." Where did this woman come from? Must be one of those belief pushers; trying to enlarge her religious community.

"Sir even God has a place for you. You'd be amazed by the wondrous miracles he can perform," she insisted.

"Right and I'm Speedy Gonzales," K quipped with a slur. He really didn't need this right now. "Don't hang around here too late, it's not safe at night," he warned the woman and walked away in a hurry. Geez, who would have a middle aged woman canvassing at this hour of the night?

But as he wandered down the street, his mind returning to Hiro, a bolt of lightning struck some electronic billboard sign. It was one of those revolving adverts, which sat upon a building's side. Underneath a young woman stood startled and shocked. She looked be a cross from a street kid or possibly a hooker.

As a terrible creaking noise came from over her head, K realized the thing was going to fall. His head cleared for a moment. He ran, shouting at the girl to get out of the way. Only she didn't move and as the thing fell, K caught up and shoved her out of the way. The crashing sign still fell. Looking up, the last thing K saw was an advertisement for Yamato Life Insurance before the billboard landed on him.

He never had a chance.

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