A/N: This little ficlet was inspired by me reading something a fic that had Ludo Bagman in it. it took place long after the seventh book, and I thought: "Hey, wouldn't Rookwood want to seek revenge on Bagman for getting him landed in Azkaban?" I answered myself: "Yes, probably". So I wrote about it, and here we are.

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The Hunt

Rabastan Lestrange was curled up on the settee, reading a book called So You Think You Can Dance when voices drifted in through the hallway. Annoyed, he tried to block them out, but they grew louder and louder until he couldn't. He put down his book in frustration and opened his mouth to yell at the people, but he was interrupted as they strode into the room.

"Hey Rabastan, want to come with us?"

He turned around in his seat to retort that, no, he didn't want to go wherever they were going, but he forgot when he saw what the people were wearing. Rodolphus Lestrange and Augustus Rookwood were standing in the doorway, dressed in camouflage hunting outfits, hats and all.

"What are you doing?" Rabastan asked, taken aback.

"We're going hunting," Rodolphus replied simply.

Incredulous, Rabastan stood up to take in the eccentric appearances of the two Death Eaters. Sure enough, they looked as if they were about to go hunting in the forest. They were clad in camouflage from head to toe except for their laced-up combat boots. Rodolphus was wearing a hat, but Rookwood had yet to put his on his greasy head.

"Hunting?" Rabastan repeated doubtfully.


"For what, exactly? Surely not deer or something?"

Rodolphus laughed. Rookwood took his wand and stored it safely inside his pocket, smirking slightly.

"Do you remember my old pal Ludo Bagman?" Rookwood asked.

Rabastan nodded.

"Yes, well he's the one who got me landed in the stint," Rookwood continued bitterly. "He disappeared shortly after my escape from Azkaban, undoubtedly hiding from my wrath. I heard, however, from a… reliable source that he is currently hiding out in the Redwood Forest."

At this, Rodolphus and Rabastan exchanged a sinisterly amused look that only one who knew Rookwood could understand fully. Rabastan picked up his book and opened it again, sitting down and propping the book up against his knee.

"You should challenge him to a poker game," Rabastan said in half-amusement, thumbing the pages of his book without interest. "For his life."

"Perhaps," Rookwood said.

Rabastan turned to Rodolphus.

"And what are you going for, Roddy?" he asked. "Bored?"

"Bagman owes me money."


Rookwood gestured towards the door.

"Come, Roddy, we must be going."

Rodolphus raised a brow and headed for the door so they could apparate away.

"Goodbye, little brother," Rodolphus said cheerfully, and then he disappeared through the door.

Rookwood put his hat on his head and headed for the door. Rabastan was sure he heard Augustus say something before he, too, disappeared through the door with a smug grin.

"I do so love the hunt."



A/N: So random. I almost feel sorry for Ludo.