Imaginary friends are weird creatures. Sometimes anyway.

They can be as big as a house, or a skyscraper, or as teeny-tiny as a speck of dirt. Tall, short, wide, pencil-like, simple or complex, imaginary friends are everywhere. In the context of this story, however, imaginary friends are slowly starting to lose the affix of "friend". It wasn't necessarily that children didn't want the idea of imaginary friends in their lives, it was just so much as the opposite: namely, not all imaginary friends weren't solely created by little tykes any more.

As the people of the world started to see that imaginary "friends" were starting to crawl into society, they noticed, just for a moment, that maybe they too had their own feelings, their own goals, accomplishments in life, a little trinket to exist.

For example, one imaginary wanted a job at a shoe store, he got it, and met another imaginary on the way. Two other imaginaries, who were, at first thought, believed to be brothers, were the creations of two separate children living next door to each other. They did, however, share a common trait: one to imagine for themselves, for imaginaries lacked the ability to have their own dreams come into existence, so instead, they drew things up, letting the canvas tell the story.

It was an odd way for imaginaries to blend into our own culture, but they themselves managed to birth their own. Some of them believing that they could go independent or "imagi-indie" as they called it, a lack of person attachment. But somehow, deep in their hearts, even the most mean of ones, they all wanted to be loved by something, especially someone.

The one that made them who they are.

Like most imaginaries, this story begins with a simple idea...