It was time again. Fifteen years had passed and now it was time once again to choose a bride for him. Uchiha Sasuke, the immortal protector of our village- Konoha.

Legend has it that Uchiha Sasuke was a great shinobi and had won many battles for the sake of Konoha. But eventually he became arrogant and reckless. So just to prove his strength he went and slaughtered all that dared question any of his abilities or sincerity. Eventually he ended up killing more one hundred villagers.

This infuriated the gods! How dare he kill there followers for no good reason?

So the banished him to a castle on the highest and steepest cliff on the edge of the great forest that surrounded Konoha. He was also granted immortality so that he could not rid himself of the curse.

But the villagers argued with the gods that who would protect them now since he had killed most of their shinobi?

So the gods also granted the power to cast off evil from the village at the price the village provide him with a bride every fifteen years from amongst their own daughters.

This upset the villagers, why would they have to give up one of their daughters when it was Sasuke whom had enraged the gods?

This act of greed angered the gods further more, how dare the villagers be so selfish?

Now the daughter that was picked by the village had to be a pure virgin, educated and skilled as a shinobi. She also must be trained as a housewife and have proper etiquette skills. Also she must have at least the basic amount of religious knowledge.

She must be from moderately pretty to stunning and of twenty years of age.

If the daughter did not meet the required standards the village would be swallowed by the ground.

But there was a twist that the gods put in that the villagers did not know of. If Uchiha Sasuke feel in love with the bride and she loved him back as well, then the curse would be broken and he would no longer be immortal but still have a normal human lifespan until he died. But so far this had not happened.

Now that it was time again village's Hokage and the top four jounin were listing candidates for the bride. So far their list only consisted of seven names that they thought would pretty much be qualified.

Haruno Sakura

Yamanaka Ino

Katsumoto Usagi

Mori Rin

Sabaku Temari

Liu TenTen

Hyuuga Hinata

Hopefully it wouldn't be too hard picking the girl.