Hinata was nervous.

She wasn't accustomed to the...intimacy she and her husband had shared. It was a very normal and natural thing that occurred between husband and wife, but she never thought she would be participating-willing to participate- in something so...primal.

It was silly of course; it had just been a few short hours since she and Sasuke had...

Made love?

They weren't in love, so what was it that they had done?

They hadn't necessarily slept together (there was very little sleeping except for after the act).

Copulating sounded, sterile and cold, something cats or dogs would do, not newlyweds.

Sasuke nipped at her nape, drawing a hitched breath from her, and then she felt him slowly nudge her legs apart.

There was a slight stroke of his knee between her legs as she felt him shift himself behind her.

Her mind went blank, her eyes glazed over. His hands gripped her hips, brought her closer.

Hinata looked over her shoulder, shyly looking up under her lashes to see him seat himself backwards, his back supported by the edge of the pool.

He had a lazy smirk on his face as he pulled her down, her legs on either side of him. He adjusted her so she hovered over his length; with each breath her core slightly caressed him.

"Breakfast looks delicious." He said as he slowly rocked up, brushing, touching, teasing her.

The sensation of her centre slickening over the head made her whimper.

He slowly filled her; Hinata fancied herself covering him like sweet molasses, her own wetness coated him like the sticky syrup.

It felt like eternity had passed before her descent ended.

Once fully seated, Sasuke buried his hand in her hair and tugged her gently back. Hinata rested against Sasuke, her head tossed back, long indigo locks curling and cascading over his shoulder. Her throat was exposed to him, like an act of submission. He took advantage of the position; he nibbled down the column of her throat. Her body arched, a moan vibrated through her, and he began to move. He guided her up and down at first, but she quickly took over, her body was taut like a bow, her back still arching over as she set the quick pace.

His hands glided up her sides and cupped her breasts, plucking and playing with the pebbled buds.

She strove faster towards completion, straightening as she felt herself nearly coming, but he suddenly stopped her, his hands firmly planted on her hips keeping her in place.

"Eager are we?" He kissed her ear, buried his face into her hair, and inhaled lavender and rain.

Hinata suddenly realized what kind of position she was in. Here she was, naked, in broad daylight, dripping wet, intimately filled by a man she had known for less than a day.

Despite the throbbing and thrumming of her body, still connected to Sasuke in the most carnal way, she tensed.

Slowly she straightened, her back ramrod straight, hands clenched at her sides, waiting.

This was so inappropriate! Her mind shrieked.

He pulled her up, and turned her to face him.

Hinata kept her eyes averted, a blush blazing at her cheeks.

She waited.

And waited.

She waited, until she felt like her entire body was ablaze with a blush, her wet hair covering her left breast, its twin felt horribly exposed. Hinata thought she would pass out from the sheer embarrassment and knowledge that her husband was staring at her naked body in the bright morning sun.