Mulder's Apartment,
Friday 10:43pm

Mulder awoke to the soothing feeling of soft warm breath tickling his chest and her light fingertip touch running over his abdominal muscles. He opened his eyes to the welcome view of his partners red hair splayed over his chest. 'This I could get used to.' Mulder mused.

"Hey..." He whispered lovingly slightly unsure of what to say.

"Hey yourself." Scully whispered back shyly.

"You been awake long?"

"Not long..." Scully replied, meeting his gaze with half laden eyes. "I was afraid to open my eyes... I was worried it was all another dream and that I would wake up alone."

"It wasn't a dream... and neither was last night." Mulder stated softly running his fingers through her delicate auburn hair.

"Ummm..." Scully purred in satisfaction.

"How did you feel?" Mulder asked hesitantly.

"Hu?" Scully mumbled, still in her dream like haze.

"When you woke up this morning alone?"

"Oh... Rested and contented but then confused. I convinced myself that it was a dream but there were things that made me think that it was real. The bed looked like two people had used it and it was still warm from your body. But you weren't there and when I thought about it, I realized you hadn't talked at all in the night..." Scully said reminiscently. "Why didn't you talk?"

"I figured it would add to the mystery."

"It worked. Anyway, I decided that it was too 'incredible' to have been real... Guess that is something of a trend with you?" Scully stated raising her eye brow. She propped herself up on her elbow to enable her to maintain easy eye contact.

Mulder smiled a purely male smile at her. "I do my best."

Scully giggled slightly seeing his male pride. "The only thing that left doubt in my mind was that I was sore."

"Did I hurt you?" Mulder asked immediately ambivalent.

"A little..." Scully began stroking Mulder's cheek as he placed his hand on her hip and gently kneaded it. "It had been a very long time for me Mulder... and you are a rather large specimen."

"I think it is just that you are so small." Mulder stated unable to except her compliment.

"Either way... I think it works for us." Scully worried her lower lip seductively.

"Are you okay now?" Mulder asked his concern evident.

"Fine." Scully stated then wrinkled her nose seeing the pained expression cross Mulder features "Sorry... I mean okay, better than okay... fabulous."

"Good. I didn't want to leave you this morning, you know that don't you?" Mulder asked as he crushed Scully's body back against him.

"You didn't?" she asked as she snuggled into his chest.

"No, I didn't. I stayed with you for as long as I could. I was so sure that you would wake up, find me there and reject me."

Scully looked up from beneath her lashes to study Mulder's face. "Yet here we are." She cooed reassuringly.

"Here we are." Mulder confirmed bemused. "You know you fell asleep straight away this morning too? I'm getting the feeling that this maybe something of a trend with you."

"What can I say..." she blushed "You wore me out."

"Oooohhh you are definitely good for my ego." Mulder chuckled lightly before laying gentle kisses on Scully forehead, a gesture that had always seemed caring and innocent between them, it now felt incredibly intimate. "You know, you were nearly my undoing when I arrived at work this morning."

"Why?" Scully asked, although she already had her suspicions.

"Well firstly I arrived and you were moaning and withering in your chair..."

"You saw that?" Scully smirked "I wondered how long you had been standing there."

"Long enough..." Mulder stated contentedly as he replayed the moment in his mind. "Then your skirt... Jesus, I had no idea that you even owned a skirt that short."

Smiling seductively she cooed "Well, I guess you just bring that side of me out."

A low growl escaped Mulder's throat before he replied "I definitely want to see more of that side of you."

"I think I have created a monster!"

"Why Agent Scully... I didn't think that you believed in monsters?"

Mulder felt Scully smile into his chest and looked down as he heard Scully emit a growl of her own but this one came straight from her stomach.

"Sorry..." she whimpered embarrassed "I'm famished."

"S'kay. Good job we already have a meal waiting for us in the kitchen."

"Ummm..." Scully replied nestling in close to Mulder's body, not yet ready to leave the sanctuary that his embrace provided.

"Scully? When I came to you this morning... Did you really think that I was Mikica? That I was a spirit returning to you to complete unfinished business?"

Scully looked deeply into Mulder eyes and replied honestly. "I wanted to believe."

"Oh Jesus..." Mulder murmured "I just got incredibly turned on."

The End Author's Notes - Well all done, I hope you enjoyed the ride. Let me know what think, as always. I live for feedback.