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A young woman stood on a hilltop, overlooking fields and greenery. A gentle breeze rustled the curls that hung about her face and at the same time brought color to her cheeks and an added sparkle to her eyes. She rotated slowly, taking in all the land around her, a bonnet swinging from her hand. A dot of motion caught her eye, and she turned to regard it more closely. Softly, a happy smile stole across her features as recognition appeared in her eyes. She began her descent down the hill towards the dot, which had become distinguishable as a man, all the while schooling her features into indifference.

After a few minutes of brisk walking, for she was an excellent walker, the two met on the pathway. The woman made the first move, looking up in feigned startlement.

"Mr. Darcy!" she exclaimed, surprise tinting he voice as if she hadn't seen the man approaching from a distance. Still, she was unable to mask the undercurrent of welcome in her voice.

The person she had addressed stopped.

"Ms. Bennet," he said shortly, making a sharp bow. "Soon to be Mrs. Darcy," he added in a slightly teasing tone as he straightened, joy and love illuminating his face.

Miss Bennet gave a happy laugh and took the proffered arm. Together, they continued in Mr. Darcy's original direction, heading towards the hill from which the young lady had seen his approach.

"Are you well, Miss Bennet?" the man asked solemnly.

"Yes, quite well," the lady replied, a mischievous look appearing in her eyes.

"And your family? I trust they are well?"

"They are indeed, sir, thank you for asking."

The couple smiled at each other, a little bit foolishly. This routine had become a teasing habit, a reminder of when they had been so blind. They both remembered that memorable day at Pemberly, when a drenched Darcy had materialized in front of Elizabeth Bennet, startling them both. The two had barely been able to speak and Darcy had asked after her health as well as her family's multiple times, seemingly forgetting that he had just asked that question.

For a time, they walked in companionable silence, content to simply be with each other. It was Mr. Darcy who broke the silence first.

"And how has your day been, Elizabeth?" he asked, his eyes peering down into the face of the woman by his side.

She sighed. "Hectic. Must we have such a grand wedding? Can we not simply elope?"
"And disappoint your mother and all of Meryton? Certainly not. As the future lady of Pemberly, you must realize that you have to fulfill all your duties."

Elizabeth giggled and Darcy was forced to smile too, breaking the serious frown he had worn on his face.

"In truth, we accomplished much. The dress is nearly finished, or so I am told, and will be to the standards as befits 'the future lady of Pemberly.'" This last bit was said in a deeper voice as Elizabeth teased her fiancé in return, turning his own words upon him. He winced with good humor, acknowledging the hit.

"Touché, my love, touché." He looked uneasy for a moment, then blurted out, "Does it have a blue bodice? Like the dress you are wearing now?"

Elizabeth stopped, forcing her companion to stop as well, and turned to look at him in surprise.

"Does it- what on earth do you mean? To answer your question, no, it doesn't. The dress is completely white. And why on earth would I have a blue bodice? Surely you don't believe in that old wives' tale: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!" (A/N: I don't know if that existed at that time, but work with me here).

Darcy shifted uneasily.

"No. No. Not at all. It's just... I like the blue. You were wearing it the day I introduced Georgiana to you at the inn. And... it's pretty. You look pretty. Well, you always do, but you look especially pretty when you wear the blue. It... it... it brings out your eyes." Finished with his halting ramble, the man allowed to his eyes to drop to his feet, nervously stuffing his hands in his pockets and drawing vague designs on the road.

For a moment, Miss Elizabeth Bennet was completely stunned. A rarity for her. But then again, she observed quietly to herself, until recently I didn't know Fitzwilliam Darcy. And it seems that most of my stunned instances result from his company. But she soon had to give way to mirth and allow her laughter to spring forth.

"And you always were fond of my 'fine eyes,' weren't you, Fitzwilliam?"

Darcy was forced to give in to her good humor, relieved that she hadn't been offended. He had told her how it was her eyes that had first attracted him to her, his comment to Caroline Bingley about how fine they were, and how said women had often mocked this admiration. He again proffered his arm and she took it with a smile. And so the two walked on, as they had walked on the day he had proposed and on the many days since.

It was a little over an hour and a half later when Elizabeth returned to Longbourn. Her father smiled at her as she popped her head into his study before heading upstairs to finish the book she had started earlier that morning. Mr. Bennet, sighed, put down his own book, and gazed out the window towards the fields from which his favorite daughter had come. Maybe it was sheer coincidence that Elizabeth seemed to be walking longer these days. Maybe it was coincidence that she often headed towards Netherfield. And maybe it was coincidence that she returned more radiant than ever, her eyes shining with a million secrets. Maybe it was coincidence, but then again, maybe it wasn't. Perhaps no one else (except maybe Jane) noticed, but Mr. Bennet did. However, as Lizzy was his favorite, and Mr. Darcy was the most reserved and gentlemanly man one could ever hope to meet, he was inclined to turn a blind eye and allow the two their time alone.

His musings complete, the father of the house returned to his book just as a shrill cry from his wife pierced through the walls to his study. Even after years such cries, he still winced at the sound. Goodness knows he would get out of this house for as long as possible if he wasn't so comfortable in his study.

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