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A Little Higher



"Bloody hell love," he moaned rubbing his shoulder, "I'm injured in case you forgot."

"How could I bloody forget!" she snapped, "I watched it hit you," another whack on the shoulder, "I watched you fall off your broom," and one of the other shoulder, "And then I saw you land on the ground with an almighty thud, so there is no chance I've forgotten you idiot!"

Grimacing, Marcus sat up, sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled her closer, "I'm sorry," he said quietly, "It wont happen again."

"Better not," she mumbled, "If it had been a little higher the bludger would have hit your heart, or you could have landed on your head or something. I don't know if they could have fixed something like that."

"Well I was lucky I guess that that didn't happen."

"Promise me you wont get hurt?"

"I promise," giving her a kiss on the forehead, he put his arms around her.

He smiled over her shoulder at the bemused healer, "Hormones," he mouthed.