A/N: Okay, this is the last pre-written chapter. Sorry, guys but I think this one's dead. Basically, it was a plotless, imagery-burdened, PWP without the first P, teen-romance. If you couldn't already tell, Sess gets (in all senses of the word) Naraku, makes him his mate, takes him back to his feudal castle, and they live happily forever after with the incarnations, Rin, Jaken, and a few dozen kids. The end. As you can see, there is ample reason to not finish reading the story, let alone writing it. So, one last time: Enjoy.

Chapter 4

Calling for Kanna, he dipped his fingers into the cool water creating peaceful ripples as he waited for the pale girl to come. She was the only one he trusted enough to allow here with him; the rest being left at his fortress. Not even Kagura knew about his dirty little secret—his seasonal affliction—as she would no doubt use it against him unlike the near-mute, sometimes disturbing girl that was approaching.

"Kanna, it is too hot, I am going to get into the water, watch the boundaries closely." That, of course, was another reason he had Kanna accompany him. Many a demon had attempted to enter clearing, following his scent, and each one was now far away; either they were intelligent enough to leave or they resided in Kanna's mirror.

"As you wish," The girl whispered before departing.

Once he was positive she had left, he removed his outer kimono, leaving only the white, nearly translucent silk under-layer. Walking father out into the pool, his clothing withstanding the water like rice paper, and becoming even more clingy and transparent, he sank gratefully into the cool clear. Sighing, he lay back and closed his eyes.