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Mixing It Up



He couldn't believe what he was hearing. She rarely talked about anything so personal as this with him, and there they were, Hermione and Susan. Having a good old chat about all things to do with sex it seemed.

"I don't like the taste..."

"Oh, I love them. And the cream on top gives it a nice texture as it goes down."

"Just not my thing," Hermione said.

"So a blow job is off the list?"


...news to me.

"What about sex on the beach?"


"Ooh I've had that once, it was nice. Nicer than I thought it would be."

"Same here, heaps better than I thought it would be."

Harry shifted uncomfortable against the wall in the hall, imaging the grains of sand that would end up in places sand really had no business in being.

"Ok, what about a flaming orgasm?"

"Nope, never had one of them."

"WHAT!" Harry slammed a hand over his mouth, idiot. Way to announce your presence Potter.


"Hi girls," Harry said quietly as he entered the living room. "What are you up to?" He asked hoping they would ignore his little outburst from the hall.

"Nothing much," Hermione smiled, "Just planning what drinks to have at Ginny's birthday party next week."


"You know, cocktails and the like."


"Yeah, what did you think we were talking about?"

He looked between the two of them, and could see the twinkle in both of their eyes.

"Nothing at all, I just came in didn't I?"

"Of course you did Harry."