Van Helsing was riding his horse through the dark and murky streets of London. He could hear thunder pounding in the distance.

He got off the horse and walked to a large, spacious, cathedral. A monk met him there.

"You called me here for what?" Van Helsing asked, "I just got finished with a mission to Transylvania. I'm in no mood for another fight.

"Well, this is kind of urgent," the monk stated.

"O.K., fine, what is so urgent?"

"There is a Warlock being resurrected as we speak.

"Where can I find this ritual?"

"Just east of here."

Van Helsing mounted on his horse and road east. The monk didn't give really great directions, so he just looked for something unusual.

He stopped at a bridge because he saw a large pillar of blue flame in the distance.

He kept on riding but suddenly stopped. He looked down to discover hands coming out of the ground and holding to horses hooves.

The hands started to pull the horse down into the earth.

Van Helsing jumped off of the horse just in time.

He took out his pistols and aimed at the hands that were coming out of the ground.

He shot one, but the hand just started to reach out of the ground faster. Another hand did the same.

Van Helsing stepped back.

A zombie crawled out of the ground.

It looked male. It's skin was gray, it had pointy ears, rugged cloths on, and it's eyes were a piercing blood red.

Drops of water came down from the night sky. It started to rain.

The zombie grabbed Van Helsing. He took out his pistol and shot the monster in the head.

It fell to the ground.

Van Helsing started to run toward the fire quicker and quicker.

More zombies started to crawl out of the mud. They all walked toward Van Helsing.

The path led Van Helsing into a forest.

He started to take out his pistols and shoot all the zombies in sight.

He must have shot at least 20 before he realized they all just got back up again.

He started to run faster now. The mud under is feet slowed him down to a jog.

He tripped because of a root sticking out of the ground.

He was trying to get back up to his feet, when two hands came out of the mud and started to strangle him.

More hand came and grabbed Van Helsing.

They were pulling him down.

Van Helsing regained his strength and broke free of all the hands.

The rain stopped and our hero continued to run toward the blue flames.

After 30 minutes of shooting, running, and fighting, he got to his destination.

It was a large log cabin. The roof was gone, and the fire was still burning after the rain. The flames were magic.

Van Helsing entered the cabin, hiding in the shadows.

In the middle was a coffin. In it was what appeared to be the Warlock. Around him were witches casting spells on him.

A witch saw Van Helsing. She took a pitchfork and tried to stab him. He countered, and stabbed her instead.

The other witches started to attack him also, but he just threw them in the fire along with the Warlock.

They all burst into flames and turned to ashes. After that, the pillar of fire vanished.

Van Helsing looked out the door, to discover hundreds of zombies coming toward him.

They crept closer and closer to the cabin.

The sun then peered though the mountains for it was sunrise.

All the zombies turned to dust by the bright sunlight and got were blown away in the wind.

"That was convenient!" Van Helsing exclaimed.

He walked toward the city. And found his horse was just fine.

The curse was broken.

Van Helsing went back to the cathedral.

A monk was waiting for him.

" I did it. I stopped the witches from resurrecting the Warlock."

"Great job," said the monk, "Well, there is this imp in China that I thought you could catch…"

"No thanks. Trust me, I really need a vacation now!"

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