Ron Weasley looked at his wardrobe mirror and couldn't help making a genuine grin when he saw how well his blue wedding robes fit.

"The blue suits you," Hermione once had said when she gave to him a blue T-shirt on St. Valentines Day.

Today would be their wedding day, the day he would bond his life to the most beautiful, clever and sensual woman he'd ever seen - The woman who was once the little girl whom he'd cared for since she lied to a teacher for his and Harry´s sakes; the young girl he'd fancied since he noticed she was more than his best friend; the young woman he'd loved since he found he couldn't live without her; the woman who would be his wife after he saved her life during the last battle against Voldemort.

Ron looked at the clock on his bedroom wall. As he started walking to the door, he glanced at his favorite photo in a simple, silver frame on his nightstand. In that photo, Hermione was smiling happily, wearing her light green bikini that contrasted with her sunburned skin. A shirtless Ron was holding, putting his chin on her right shoulder, grinning at the person who was taking the photo - their best friend, Harry. That was during their first summer as a couple, relaxing on a Muggle beach that Harry knew.

"Mate, why are you drooling over a photo when you can get the real thing in about 20 minutes?"

Ron didn't notice Harry until he heard his voice.

"Yeah, you're right. Just can´t believe I'm getting to marry her."

Harry chuckled. "Yeah, and I'm glad you will, for my sake and the whole family."

Ron poked Harry´s shoulder, and they both burst out laughing.

Harry stopped laughing. "Ready?"

Ron winked. "Ready."