Getting Sam out of the store without tearing him open on all the broken glass had been a chore for the tired and bruised Dean. He ended up just gathering his brother in his arms, and dumping him in the back seat of the car. They made one trip back to the hotel, wherein he collected all of their things as quick as could be, before they took off and never looked back.

A message was left on Rachael's phone telling her what occurred, and letting her know that they would be borrowing Evelyn's book and the copies of the tape longer than they'd originally expected, likely at least until they could figure out this whole curse thing for good.


Sam looked out with a bitter expression at the dilapidated Morgan-Ranch, backgrounded by a grey sky.

"Ending this one is going to be tough, isn't it?" he asked, turning to Dean with that same slight wince.

"Damn right it is." the elder brother sighed.

"And after we leave here?" he still questioned.

"We're just gonna leave a blaze of fire in our wake." Dean grinned wickedly.

"That was very poetic of you. And after that?"

"Well... after that, we're back to square one." he put his hands in his pockets for a moment, and looked to Sam, "Back to hunting down copies of that thing at highschool dances." the thought of it made him frown a little, then reach up and scratch his head, "Just the way we started this all out. We've come full circle."

"The irony of it." Sam hissed.


A silence followed as the wind blew, before Dean stepped forward, walking up to the front porch of the house, and lighting a match. The small stick sputtered, then finally burned brightly amidst the dim. He tossed it, the thing bouncing on the deck for a moment, before touching the oily liquid that lay there.

Like a whip, the fire lashed out and spread, following the gas trails they'd laid through the entire house. The brothers stepped back and watched it go up in mutual silence, before, just as the brittle structure began collapsing, they turned and left.

"So everything her will is tied to?" Dean asked again, looking at Sam.

"Everything significant." he said with a nod.

"And that means everything in the tape?"

"And the convent, and the mental hospital."

Dean whistled, and shook his head, "And after that all of the tapes themselves..."

"Yeah. Then she'll finally be gone."

He looked up to his brother as they neared the car, the faintest glimmer of worry in his eyes amidst the regular mischievousness and time-for-business attitude. "That's some... mass arson you're talking about." he grinned, "Could be dangerous. Could get arrested."

Sam grinned back, "Nothing we haven't faced before."

Getting into the car, Dean nodded. "Where to?" he asked as Sam himself entered.

"The cliff. And the lighthouse. And I think that'll about wrap it up for Moesko Island."

With twist of the key, and the purr of the ignition, once again they were off.


Author's Ending Note Thingy: Short chapter, but I've always meant to end it this way. I really hope you all enjoyed reading this, I certainly enjoyed writing it. A lot. A whooole lot. Keep an eye out for more of my Supernatural and Supernatural Crossover fics, they may take a while to get out now that school's starting, but they will make it out here. That's a promise. For now, toodles!