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Chapter 4: Shawn Hunter

I am trailer trash.

I am good for nothing.

I don't even know how I graduated high school, and hell, even college. Smarts has nothing to do with succeeding in life. Hell, my old man had enough street smarts to last him a life time and nothing came out of his life but me. And that's not that great of an accomplishment.

Everything I touch turns to dust and falls to my feet. I am alone in this world. Not even my well meaning best friend Cory knows the half of it. My mother, my real one that is, never loved me at all. My mother, my fake one that is, never loved me enough to stay. She could have, but she left, like everyone has. My dad, the only one who ever understood any of it, died but the truth is that he was never really there to begin with. I never depended on him, on anyone for that matter. To hell with everyone.

But, although I'd like to believe that the above is true (I force it down my own throat, actually), it's not. Barely a word is. Because I'm not alone, I'm just too selfish to really realize it.

Cory knows me, my hardships, everything I've ever been through. He doesn't look down on me or pity me for the life I've had to lead or the cards that have been dealt to me. He just loves and respects me for who I am. And he's not the only one. Topanga would do anything for me, I know that. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews have told me on numerous occasions that I'm a part of the family and they love and would give up everything for me, just like I was one of their own children. Mr. Feeny has never given up on me, even though I've pushed him to it many times. My brother, Jack, has always tried to understand my life and though sometimes I've hated him for it, I get it now that he just wanted to be a part of it. And Angela. Well, she's saved me. More than she'll ever know.

But, even as I think this now, I will never admit it. Maybe it's stubborn pride, maybe it's selfishness, or maybe it's both but these words will never leave me lips. Although, I think they know.

I hope they know.