A/N: My first DP fic….Enjoy!

It's not supposed to be like this. I'm not supposed to fall in love with my best friend. Tucker warned me about this. He TOLD me it would happen. But I didn't believe him. Sam's my best friend.

Was my best friend, at least. She can't be anymore. How can you be friends with somebody you love? It can't happen. No matter how one-sided the feeling is. Even if I kept it a secret, I'd always want more. But I can't have more. Sam's my best friend.

When did this happen? Did I always lover her? Was it gradual? Was it sudden? How did I not notice? I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her. Sam's my best friend.

Do I tell her? If I don't I might regret it. But if I do-If I do, our friendship is ruined. It'll be too awkward for her, and for me. But what if, what if she loves me, too. But no, she can't. Sam's my best friend.

Oh God. She's standing in the doorway, with this sweet little half-smile on her face. She's so beautiful. Her hair-so dark and thick and shiny. Her eyes- so original; a color I've never seen. And she's grown so much. She used to be a skinny little girl. Now, she's a beautiful woman. I have to tell her. Maybe she'll understand. Sam's my best friend.

She walks over and sits next to me. I see her lips moving. She's asking me something. Her voice is so-wow. Sweet, I guess. I love her so much. I shouldn't, but I do. Sam's my best friend.

I take a deep breath and blurt it out. I stare at the ground and blush. She's silent. I knew this was a bad idea. I look up hesitantly. Her expression is unreadable. Shock? Anger? But no, she's smiling now. She reaches up. Her hand is on my face. She blinks slowly, and there's a fleeting second when I realize she's leaning in. Sam. She's my life. She's my light. She's my everything. She's my girlfriend. She's my best friend.