To Love a Theif

By: Helbaworshipper (AKA 'Helb')

Chapter 1

"Princess Alice!" A female voice resounded through the halls as it hit its target. The target stirred a little before hearing the next line, "You're going to be late for your magic tutor!" The recipient jolted up almost completely out of control as her body moved up almost as if a needle had been stuck up her bottom half. A thick brown book was laid out on her lap, opened and one page was half folded. She sat up as her thin hands placed a red ribbon down the page she had stopped before helping the page that was folded to be straight for a little while. She stood up, moving as she pulled up the book and looked at herself in the mirror. She placed the book down on her half made bed as she straightened her hair to look a little more royal as she smoothed her dress. "Are you going to be even more tardy for your lesson!" She opened the door, seeing her annoyed servants face as she nodded.

"I'm sorry, Maki. I'll be going now." The servant seemed appeased with the reply as she ran through to the east wing of the family castle. The stones clattered as she ran, her heels making her hold her dress up. As if keeping up to get to the room was hard enough, she twisted towards the room...about to trip.

"Running in heels isn't safe for even one as royal as yourself." Her tightly closed eyes opened, she was close to the ground. Her feet had only been standing on her toes, and a strong arm was holding her up at her abdomen. It was just below where she would have felt a little violated, and she began to move up slowly. Her feet began to regain their normally stable position as she pulled herself up to look at her savior. At first she began to see a smile that almost glowed and oozed hatred if you looked close enough. His eyes matched the smile, and the well kept brown hair matched his smile.

"I was only rushing to meet you, Eric."

"As flattered as I am Princess, I wouldn't want to see you getting yourself hurt over my lessons." He led her into his lesson room, full of books on Lotis and Maram that were at least twenty years old, from the old tutor that would teach Mayura Lotis. The covers were rebound five years ago, but the pages were still frayed and almost as if desintegratable. She took her seat in the leather chair as she made herself look like her royal heritage as she looked towards the ruby statue of Master Lotsuan. "Have you mastered 'sama' yet?"

"I've been trying my hardest, but I have been unable to master such Lotis again. I haven't made any progress, no matter how much I've tried." She looked at the lukewarm tea as she tried to look away from her Lotis tutor. Her eyes looked downward, trying to hide her embarassment as she gripped weekly at the leather chair arms. His hands reached around, pulling her chin up as his smile and face tried to cheer her up.

"You have not displeased me at all, princess. You have the stubborness of your mother, and your father's talent for trying. I'm sure that with a little more help, you can probably end this war." His smile continued to ooze the familiar hatred as she nodded in continuation. "How about we learn a new word? We can return to sama later."

"Okay." She smiled as he pulled out another lotis book.

"How about 'Rangu'?"

Lotis Theif Headquarters...

A male was shaken awake as he heard another yell in his direction. "Kyou! Get up! We have a meeting and you're going to be late!" His head jerked up as he remembered the fervent reminders. He stood, quickly getting dressed as he pulled on his Mirror of Lota. He opened the door to face his current partner, Billy Macdowel. "You didn't even fix your hair, did you?" Kyou looked at the dismal bedhead he had gotten as a result of sleeping late.

"I'll fix it, when does the meeting start?"

"In ten minutes."

"Okay, I'll be right there to absorb the information." Kyou fixed his hair, using his almost too expirienced fingers as he moved with Billy to the simple meeting room. Scipio, the leader of the Lotis Theives stood on a makeshift wood platform. The rest of the floor was covered in used cushions to sit or stand on.

"Late as usual Kyou? Then you get the job of rescuing the in danger Seno princess."

"I guess I deserve it."

Seno Kingdom...

Alice sat alone in the royal family room, the large table contained no family. Before Mayura was married, she would often talk to Alice about things that had to deal with her life. Now her sister was married to a man in Norway. She had no idea of the name right now, but she just sat and hoped that her family would somehow return. Her parents had been gone much longer than intended, and no one knew where their conference had ended up now. However, she was stuck there no matter what she chose to do. Her fork poked at the potatoe, causing it to merge more with the ketchup covered beef. It was then she felt something very odd, when had the shaking sensation started occuring!