To Love a Theif

By: Helbaworshipper (AKA 'Helb')

Chapter 14

Scipio's body lay in his room, and he was cleaned up and dressed in his best robes. The Lotis Masters sat around the still calm inducing leader of the thieves and the lotis itself, his face seemed at peace. They had an ideal to leave him for a bit while they readied the Iru fire for his new life. Alice remained in her room, trying to to get the past events in her mind right. She couldn't find the energy to help out with the Iru fire either, and found herself slowly falling asleep again.

"Alice? I'm sure this is not our first meeting." Her dream body saw something so shocking she couldn't even register he was picking her up. "It is not your fault that it was my time to lose my human body." She began to cry within his chest, even though the tears were only small things she could feel on her cheek. "I have another guest, could you see her before you must mourn my death?" A pink blob of hair came to her before she saw the familiar ears and the robes.


"Alice!" The creature ran into Alice's chest, and she held her pet close to her. She held her close enough to rub insistently against her cheeks as she seemed to be crying tears of joy. The rabbit tried to get out of feeling the dream tears as she pulled up her former master's face.

"I didn't know you were still...there. I was so sad when you died that I..."

"Well, I've always been watching over you. I knew you'd get out of that spell that Darva put on you. Now I want you to cheer up and stop crying over what happened. Keep your chin up and work hard." The girl nodded before the images dissapeared and someone was shaking her awake.

"Alice?" It was Kyou, who had apparently been waiting awhile for her to wake. "What were you dreaming about?" She smiled before placing herself with a more like her smile, which surprised the in love male. She began to describe her dream with a smile eternally placed on her face as she remembered it.

Mayura and Frey...

Mayura looked at her husband for a moment before placing more emphasis on her words. "I worry for my sister, she seems to be blaming Scipio's death on herself." She knew that it wasn't the fault of the one known as her sister, but the world was not always easy. Kyou had ran out earlier to go and find out how Alice was doing. She had not appeared earlier either, but it was expected from the one who had just awakened from some sort of strange dream. "Yet, I blame myself more than she would ever blame herself." She pulled back her lotis bracelet and looked out into the gardens. She longed to run into them and find Scipio out there, Frey had once told her about a moment he had come looking for him. All he did was place a hand on Frey's shoulder and he felt better than before. "We will miss you Scipio." Billy's own hands seemed to be on auto pilot, his eyes concentrated on the fire. Chris was well hidden in the corner as he was being let away by Mei Lin. The silence was deafening, and no one else seemed to speak as they waited.

Funeral Fire...

All the Lotis Thieves watched Scipio's body burn, not realizing Alice had actually come out of her room. When she moved towards the fire, Mayura pulled her close and began to cry upon her sister's shoulder. Alice allowed her to do so, and returned the embrace. Alice knew she had cried all the tears that she could have allowed her eyes to shed. Besides, Neyozeka had told her to keep her chin up, so she was ready for anything now.

When the fire of Iru had died, Kyou was the only one left out with Alice. Everyone else had retired to eat something because they had not actually ate a thing yet. Kyou was ready for what he had been planning. Perhaps it would help even the lotis find some hope there was a future besides Darva's destruction. "Alice?" The female turned to him, her eyes glowing a little more than they had before. "I know that the war is over, but I don't have a kingdom to return to."

"You are welcome in any kingdom I assume, I'm sure people will help you."

"I was wondering something...that may..."

"Yes?" He moved closer to her before he took a deep breath. "You can tell me anything that you think I may handle."

"I was wondering if you would follow what you're parent's had planned."

"You mean the marriage? I see, you're asking me to marry you personally."

"Yeah." The dense male blushed as he nodded and watched her in thought for a moment.

"Of course." She approached him as she placed her lips on his slowly, he deepened it in a moment as they relished that one peaceful moment.

And they lived happily ever after...