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Chapter 6: A Personal Vendetta…

New Orleans: 1905: Sundown

It has taken me so very long Evil Father. So very long indeed…the small girl went ambling down the very loud streets of the French Quarters. She no longer felt the joy that she had felt on the banks of the Seine River. Oh no…now she only felt the cold emptiness, the anticipation of the fight to come. You think yourself to be immortal. You prance around, "I drank from the Mother! I drank from Marius, from the Children of the Millennia!" Ha! Imagine your surprise when you see me, tanned, but alive and well…walking along, she suddenly felt a presence. An unmistakable presence. A tall, blonde, very white, handsome looking man stood no less than two hundred feet away from her, and he had felt her too…….

Ok you probably thought that I was going to carry on with my chapter. Well, I'm not. You see, I recently read the article published on Christianity Today called "Interview with a Penitent". In the article, Anne Rice explains why she gave up writing the Vampire Chronicles. She says that at the time that she was going through some extremely hard struggles and that the books were her escape from the world, as well as from God. She was a self proclaimed atheist at the time, and was using them to explore her feelings about the Lord and the devil, as well as other matters of spirituality and the world at large. As I continued reading, I realized that I also have no need for continuing to explore such a dark and dismal subject, enchanting as it is. All together, it just creates a dark vortex that I cannot escape from. The creatures that she has painted, as well as I, are extremely, if not supremely evil. I have already written other stories under this pen name so I will not be changing it. Had I only written Sweet Revenge, I would have changed my pen name but I am not going to do that at this point. I do not advocate for anything evil, and I am ashamed that I have thus far. My talents are needed and should be used elsewhere. This is why I am discontinuing writing this story.

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