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Story of my Life

Chapter 1:

Dawn struck in the village of Konoha, promising an other beautiful day. The sky above, with its clear blue water and cloud white waves, kept its current. The birds wandered from one place to another, wishing good will to all those who listened to their melody. It was a such a peaceful morning; it would seem unethical to disturb it.

Suddenly, a loud noise was a heard from within one of the many houses in the village. A kunai flew out of the window and a voice was heard yelling.

"You will marry that man whether you want to or not!"

"Dad, I can't marry someone I don't even like!"

An other loud noise was heard.

"Go to your room!"

"Forget it! I'm gone!"

Immediately after, a young girl exited the building in a fury. She encompassed two forest brown eyes and sand brown hair tied in two buns, one on each side of her head.

Tenten stormed down the street, made a right turn and entered the forest. Perhaps if she hit enough dummies in the head, in the stomach, in theā€¦it would help her clear her head.

Soon, she was surrounded by masses of brown and green. The sky above was her only link to reality. She kept her pace through the forest until she reached a fairly large clearing. It was filled with training dummies.

This area had been her training ground ever since she started out. It never failed to help her release stress.

Slowly, Tenten pulled out a kunai from her pouch. She aimed it at one of the dummies and hit him square in the heart. She pulled out an other weapon and hit the poor dummy between the eyes.

She kept at it for a hew hours, until all the dummies of the clearing were filled with weapons. Then, finally, she stopped to think.

Her parents wanted to marry her with a man of their choosing. They wanted to promise her without her consent. Not only that, but they gave her no choice in her own life. No. It was their path to the end.

Anger filled her soul once more as she pulled out a kunai. She threw it at a random dummy, but it never hit it. Instead, a second weapon intercepted it. Surprised at the company, the young girl turned to face her visitor.

"Yosh! Tenten-san! What are you doing out here all alone?" asked a very enthusiastic Lee.

He wasn't alone.

"Did youth strive you to this training ground, Tenten? I am glad to see you expand your flower!"

Tenten, upon seeing her sensei and best friend, forgot about her problems and lost herself in their optimistic values. However, after regaining her primary composure, she once again felt her heavy heart. She didn't, in any circumstance, show her sorrow to her teammates.

Quickly and painfully, she conquered her plan in her mind and left it at that, spending the rest of the day with the ones she cared about the most.

Near the end of it, their last teammate, Neji, arrived. He spoke once, and that was to tell Gai that the Hokage, Tsunade-sama, was looking for him.

Instantly, Gai and Lee were gone. Nothing would stop them from duty call. Still in the training grounds were Neji, Tenten and her thoughts.

She remembered her plan and sighed lightly, forgetting that she wasn't alone. There wasn't much to think of, she supposed. It had to be like this.

Slowly, she stood from where she had been sitting and began to walk away, unaware of the piercing eyes at the back of her head.

She entered one of the streets of Konoha and ambled home. When she was at the door to her building, a voice called out to her.

"Where are you headed, Tenten?" asked Neji.

Although she wasn't aware how he knew, she knew exactly what he was talking about.

"To the sand village, for a few days." She replied impassively, as though it were natural for her to make such trips.

"When do you plan on coming back?" he questioned.

Tenten, not knowing what to answer, simply let it slide and entered her home, leaving the Hyuuga outside in the dark.