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Story of My Life

Chapter 11:

Tenten awoke with a start. Her head was throbbing. Her vision was blurry and her senses weak.

"Uhhh. What happened to me?" she asked to no one in particular.

"You were hit behind the head." replied a stranger. The voice was unrecognizable.

Tenten's vision improved as she stirred and her senses regained strength. Suddenly, she remembered! She was walking slightly ahead of Kosuke when all of a sudden she was hit from behind! Prior to the incident, however, she was sure they were alone, meaning only one thing…

Tenten, previously lying, jumped from her position and stood.

"Kosuke attacked me!" she yelled, again, to no one in particular.

Suddenly, a kunai was pointed to her neck. She slowly turned to see a man hidden behind a mask. He wore Konoha's ninja symbol, but there was a line crossing the leaf.

'He must be one of the S-ranked nins.' Thought Tenten.

"Don't move." Said the ninja, with somewhat of a vicious tone. "Kosuke-sama told us not to hurt you, as you would be his bride. But we will not hesitate if you come in the way of our mission."

Tenten's eyes widened in surprise.

"Oh, yeah! Like hell am I going to marry that guy after all he's done! Why has he captured me anyways?" she exclaimed.

As if on cue, loud noises started to be heard in the adjacent room. Tenten hadn't noticed before, but the room she was in was rather bare. There was only a bed (in which she had been lying). Other than that: nothing. There's wasn't even a window or a door. Finally, it dawned on Tenten. They were in no room at all! They were under ninjutsu in the smack dab middle of the corridor!

Tenten yelled, but to no avail. The jutsu was blocking out sound as well.

A shadow passed by the door rapidly. Tenten blinked once. Twice. It had looked exactly like Neji!

More loud noises. Bangs. Screams. Cries of pain and then, silence.

Neji's voice was heard.

"Where is she?" he demanded.

"She is none of your concern! You see, dear cousin, she is mine. She has always been mine. And she will be mine for the rest of our lives."

"Cut the crap. Tenten does not belong to you, or to anybody else."

"We are engaged, you know." A malicious laugh. "I'm so happy this day has finally come! For years I've been trying to find something of yours that I could make mine, just so you would know how it felt, how I feel every single day!"

"I don't care what you feel. I care about Tenten. Where is she?"

"You know, you've surpassed me in everything, Neji-kun. Now, I am finally surpassing you."

Neji had on his byakugan, but he was unable to see Tenten. Unable to look away from Kosuke (who was the type to attack while others had their backs turned), Neji was unable to determine if he missed anything in his blind spot.

"You cannot find her, can you? As expected. My S-ranked nin is very good at keeping her quiet. But mind you, it is no difficulty to subdue a woman."

Neji smirked, rendering Kosuke uneasy.

"If she can hear our conversation, what you just said was your downfall."

"What?" thought Tenten. "I'll show him what's easy and what's not!"

Tenten, flaring with energy, attacked the S-nin and brought him to the ground. In minutes, the jutsu was lifted and Tenten was seen punching an already unconscious S-ranked ninja.

"Neji. Hi." Said Tenten, embarrassed. She had come all the way here (which she was still unaware of, but assumed was the Waterfall Country) in order to rescue Neji. And yet here she was, being saved by him again.

Kosuke stood frozen in his spot. How could a woman be so stealthy? He was so confused, he almost didn't realize Neji's attack until he was already on the floor, bleeding, but not dead.

"Tenten, are you alright?" asked Neji. It was the first time he had ever showed signs of concern towards her.

"Aah, I'm fine. Sorry for you having to save me again." She replied. "Listen, I'm also sorry for being a jerk, although you're always a jerk to me too. You saved me, so I guess you're not that much of a jerk. Even though you stole my first kiss, and brought me back from the Sand country, and had me come all the way here to rescure you (although you rescued me)..."

Tenten trailed off slightly when Neji's lips were planted on her own.

"Tenten, you are an idiot. Why did you think I did all those things?"

"Well I was always under the impression it was because you hated me."

Neji paused for a moment, contemplating his subtle signs of love and the possibility that any individual on the planet would misinterpret them…no, it really was classic Tenten.

"Tenten, I love you." Spoke Neji, trying to be as clear and as concise as possible.

Tenten's eyes widened. She was certainly not expecting that kind of response! What was she suppose to say? Should she say it back? But what if she didn't feel the same way? Would he be upset?

Tenten stood silent for two whole minutes before Neji sighed and turned away from her. He scratched the back of his arm slightly and motioned for her to follow him. They were going back to the village.

Tenten felt absolutely horrible during their entire voyage back. Midway, they met Lee and Gai, but even their exaggerated happiness did not improve her mood, nor did it improve Neji's.

When they returned to the Leaf village, Neji immediately went home and Gai and Lee went to report the incident to the Hokae. Tenten was finally left alone. Slowly, she started walking. Where? She didn't care. The night was calm and serene. The light from the moon and the stars reflected peacefully on the river's edge. Tenten stood on top of the bridge and looked up to the night's infinite beauty. She sighed.

When she was younger, she had been in love with Neji. But, convinced that he did not feel the same way, Tenten turned that love into anger and, at every opportune moment, would exert those feelings onto him. She would get mad at everything he did to her (she had already realized this while going to rescue him). Was she still spiteful because she still loved him? Maybe…

Tenten spent hours contemplating what had occurred the day before. She realized that Neji had always protected her. He had always been present, in one way or another, for her. And of course, she wanted to be there for him too. But now, he was gone. And she was certain that she had made him really mad this time.

Tears fell from the bridge to the water below.

"Why did this happen?" wondered Tenten, out loud. "Of course I love him back!"

Suddenly, a firm hand grasped Tenten by the waist. In a small swirl, Tenten was facing Neji. Did he just hear what she had said? And to answer her question, Neji only said 4 words:

"I love you too."

The End

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