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A little Becky Roberts was sitting in class one day listening to the teacher, Mrs. Frost, read about a little boy expecting a little sister. His mommy was pregnant.

Becky raised her hand.

"Yes, Becky," Mrs. Frost asked.

"I have a question," she answered.

"What's that sweetie?"

"Can my mommy get pregnant?"

"Yes, she can."

"Can my aunt?"

"Yes, she can too."

"Can my dog, Sandy?"

"Possibly," the teacher answered.

"What about me?"

Mrs. Frost was a little taken back by this, but answered anyway, "No, honey. You can't."

Mrs. Frost returned to reading so she didn't see or hear the comment that a little boy made to Becky.

Dean Winchester sat behind Becky Roberts in Mrs. Frost's class. He gently tapped Becky on her shoulder. She turned around in her seat to face him.

"I told you we had nothing to worry about," Dean said.