warning don't reply on this chapter, just pretend in only exists in the corner of teh mind that tells you to do stuff

okay this is it, i'm tired of people telling me about how crappy this story is, how i'm making stuff pop out of my but, and about how i suck as a writer

what's with the marauders?
what's with earthsea?
what's with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness??

here's the scoop. when i was writing the first year stories, i used an old "maruader's read about harry's first year from the book" story, cause i had severe writer's block and couldn't pull a story out of my own butt.

i was tired, in high school and didn't have time to write a 1/4 page list on why i liked my girlfriend.

i was picked on... suicidal... and almost killed myself like 6 times...


i've apologtized about eleven times i think... and still have gotten like 20 reviews and 30 pms.


i happen to be going through the same thing right now, and frankly i'm going to go over on more editing spree and if i don't get it right, i'm never going to publish something on fanfiction . net ever again.


this is cursedpurity, saying


if this is not hp and the sorceror's skill then i apologize for you having to read this, and will be rewriting these stories as well.

as well as every other one to ever exist on fanfiction . net