It was only a few months afterwards….

Tell her… I'm sorry… for everything…

After Organization XIII's defeat by the key-masters' hands…

It's my turn now. My own adventure.

After the death of one and the birth of the Bond of Flame…

You guys are coming with us! You're stuck with us!

A new adventure began anew and old enemies rose again by the hands of others…

Good-bye, Radiant Garden. Good-bye, Sora, Riku, everyone. We'll meet again, with our last lost friend by my side the next time. I… We'll find him. All of us. And then, we'll come home. Good-bye!

And so we begin…

Three Months Ago

The graveyard was dead silent. It looked of a graveyard, but wasn't one. It was named the Proof of Existence.

A cloaked being stood in the center of the Proof of Existence a long cloak flowing behind him or her. It was midnight blue, and upon the upper right corner, over the being's shoulder, was a large crescent moon. He or she held a staff in their hand, short, only the length of the forearm, with a small red star rotating freely in the handle of a moon on the staff's end.

The lower body of the being could be seen, and this body was lean and lanky, but not skin and bones. Barefoot, the feet of this person were scarred and bruised, as if they had run a long way barefoot. Anklets covered both the anklets, and higher up was a short skirt of deep black that clung to the being. A tattoo covered the thigh of the being's left leg, a baby blue tattoo that looked like the sign of a Nobody turned on an angle. The hands of this person were being held out over their head, revealing that heavy, blood-covered chains shackled the person to the many "tombstones" in the room.

The person opened their cracked, dry lips and began to speak. A light, airy voice, but also deep like waves of water, came out, revealing the being as a woman. This was slightly surprising due to the person's height, about 5'8".

"(Blood in my veins, searing my Heart, lifting my Soul, manipulating my Body, connecting my Being, driving me Insane. I Bleed; I Live.)"

The woman spoke in an unknown language, but as it was spoken, a blue ring of light surrounded the woman on the floor, rising at an angle and then spin around her, in an angular fashion in the air and touching the ground. The tattoo on the woman's thigh began to glow. Again, she spoke, but in a language recognizable.

"The Superior, the Freeshooter, the Whirlwind Lancer, the Chilly Academic, the Silent Hero, the Cloaked Schemer, the Luna Diviner, the Flurry of Dancing Flames, the Melodious Nocturne, the Gambler of Fate, the Graceful Assassin, the Savage Nymph, the Key of Destiny."

Suddenly, the woman gained an inspired look upon her hooded face, as if she had just decided something. Taking a knife from her belt, the woman sliced open her palm. Adjusting the chains that held her hands back by jumping over them, she walked from stone to stone, renaming each person as she placed her blood on their "tombs". Once she had marked all twelve, she bent down and began drawing with her blood.

Renaming the Superior, she drew a picture of some sort to represent him. Then, she turned a bit, to draw again, when something happened.

One of the chains that connected to the woman's wrists hit the tombstone of the Freeshooter. An invisible jolt traveled down the chain to the woman and she grimaced slightly. The air became thicker and heavy, as a slight mist began growing and the tombstone of the Freeshooter began to glow. With a huff, the woman stood and adjusted the chain so that it didn't touch the stone. Immediately, all of the weird effects disappeared. Sitting back down, she went back to her drawing.

She drew a girl, holding hands with someone invisible, and then drew a circle around the invisible person. Naming this invisible being as "the Nothing Princess", the woman stood and put her palms together in a prayer like state, the blood slathering both hands.

"(Blood in my veins, searing my Heart, lifting my Soul, manipulating my Body, connecting my Being, driving me Insane. I Bleed; I Live.)"

The being spoke again in that weird language, and once she finished, the room began to light up slightly. The wound in her hand healed with a quick flash of light and an intake of breath. The tombstones were now growing. Letting her hands fall to her sides, she stood stoically as the tattoo on her leg glowed as well.

"Let my blood heal them." She whispered. "Let my blood flow through them. We will be connected, and I pass this connection on to the Princess of Nothing. Let them have second chances to have Heart; Even those", her eyes fell down to the Superior's drawing symbol. "That threw away all chances. Let them feel the earth and the sea and the sky…" And with that, the woman let her hands lift up, holding her palms to the ceiling as her head fell back.

With a scream, the room was engulfed in light, and 12 souls rose again as one heart split into fifteen pieces. The owner of this heart felt agonizing pain and tears split out of her eyes as she sobbed and collapsed to the ground, not even caring that the chains holding her hit against the tombstones again and mist floated in. 12 bodies began to form on the ground, shining brightly. Once the bodies were fully formed, they collapsed lifeless to the ground.

The woman, sobbing, watched as, one by one, souls came from the tombstone like marks and flew to their corresponding bodies.

She knew inside they wouldn't be human. They would be ghosts, likely, or something of the kind. They would have bodies, but also ghost-like abilities and all their powers would be stripped of them. Well, most of their powers.

Once the bodies and souls were complete, the woman sniffled and let out one last sob, before placing a hand over her shattered heart.

"Here!" She called. "Take them! I give them to you! Use them wisely! Do not falter! Try to be the humans you once were, and grow! Grow again!" A whimsical look grew on the woman's face as she slowly let her hand fall away from her heart and she collapsed.

All was still. Mist floated above the bodies of 13 beings, two females, and eleven males.

A small light grew in the woman's chest, rising slowly. As this occurred, her chest heaved slightly, and she coughed. With that, a small red light rose out of her body. After a second, it began to beat. It had a rhythm to it, a small one, but it was there nevertheless. It whirled and twirled and spun around the woman. With a chuckle, the woman sat up.

"Wispy, carefree, but also lazy." With one last chuckle, the woman pointed to one of the bodies. It was a blonde. "It's the Melodious Nocturne for you, little one." The woman smiled at the small fragment of heart, and after twirling around the woman's head one last time, the heart-piece flew to the Nocturne and dove inside. Immediately, his skin brightened, and he seemed more life-like.

Again, another heart came from the woman, and with a small painful gasp, it was let free. This one was yellow, and flew in sharp lines and turned sharp, deadly, yet cautious. It looked the woman over as the woman examined it as well.

"Attitude, huh? And spunk. But also… sadistic". With a quick nod in the other woman's direction, the woman directed the heart-piece. "The Savage Nymph." With a sharp dive, the heart-piece disappeared inside the Nymph, giving her new life – and new heart.

Yet another heart-piece appeared, and another decision was made.

"A bit of the rebel? Fire. But definitely cocky. Yes, you are definitely the Flurry of Dancing Flames' type of heart." The woman told the red heart-piece, and with a bit of cocky dignity, it sauntered into the body of a spiky-haired red head.

"And, you", She told the next heart-piece. "A Calm and collected heart, though sorrowful, for the Luna Diviner." Without a pause the bluish-purple soul was whisked away inside the body of a long blue haired man.

And so she went through the other beings, until one was left. This heart-piece was purplish-black. It dominated the woman by hanging over her, staring her down as if it had eyes.

"And you", the woman's voice sounded amused. "What are you really? Anger and hate? Or deadly curiosity? No, neither. Manipulative? Not a rare trait among these people." She chuckled.

"What to call you? Perhaps there's not a name. Just a knowing feeling in the pit of my gut that you are the Superior?"

With that, the mist in the room began rotating around the heart, and the body that had been on the floor now stood transparent before the ragged, tired woman. With a cold sneer, the Superior looked this woman over. The woman looked both pleased and amused.

"How does it feel, Superior?" She taunted. "How does it feel to have the numbness fade away from nothing to nothing? To have a heart once more?" The man's eyes grew wide.

"I gave it to you. Take care of it. And until I know you can…" She whispered as she began to lose steam. "You and your others will be watched over." The woman stretched her hand out and grasped part of the man's cloak. Two last heart-piece's came from the being, one a light cream and the other deep brown. With a blink of her eyes, transparent chains attached the Superior to the creamy light, and the chain stretched to the others in the room.

The Superior noticed that the chain was connecting to the very chain that was on the woman. And that this chain was connected to all in the room… but one.

"Axel stays." The woman stated. She reached into her pocket and took out a letter. Tucking it into the chain links, she looked the Superior in the eyes for the first time. A shiver traveled down the Superiors spine for the first time in his existence as he saw terrible plights in her faded eyes. "Give that… to the Seventh Princess, counterpart to the Nothing Princess." The Superior growled as the light he was connected to, along with the brown light, began to glow, and he and the others began to fade. Just before he disappeared, he whispered.


And with that, the woman's eyes rolled into the back of her head. The effects of the mist finally took their toll as the chains tightened, and the woman quickly careened into the back wall, leaving her no room to move.

One last body was in the room other than the woman. As the mist grew heavier, the platform the woman and the unconscious man named the Flurry of Dancing Flames were on flew through the ceiling like an elevator, as the chains adjusted so that the woman was attached to the floor.

Axel's eyes fluttered open for just a moment, before the toxic mist kicked in, and he fell into deep slumber. Both were asleep now.

And the two would remain in deep darkness of slumber. They would wait for however long it took the stars to deem them free. Suddenly, with a violent jerk, the elevator screeched to a halt, and began plummeting downwards, past the Proof of Existence and deeper still. The two would remain asleep.

Until the Nothings crowned their Princess.


Ehem, as I said before, it was only a few months after the defeat of Organization XIII and Sora, Kairi, and Riku were staying at Hallow, I mean, Radiant Garden, aiding their friends in the restoration of the grand world. They lived in the Castle Hallow Bastion, which had previously been Melicifent's hideout, and the castle had a great view of the Great Maw, and Castle Radiant Garden, where Leon and the others were staying. Everyday, the three traversed the Maw to visit the others, and every night they traveled the Maw again to get home. Why would our heroes stay in such dangerous wreckage such as Castle Hallow Bastion, away from their friends?

For training.

In the last few months, Kairi had grown much stronger, and was learning to use the powers of her keyblade well. Riku was adjusting to not being able to fight in the darkness, and Sora was just… being Sora. The three were especially ecstatic today, since today was the King's planned visit to Radiant Garden. He was bringing his Head Knight and best Magician along, happily, and the three couldn't be more enthralled themselves. Now, that's enough narration from me, the woman in the whole "Three months ago" bit. I know; I'm supposed to be asleep. I am. This is all a dream.

Ok, so it's a dream that I tuned to reality so that I could see what was happening to the Key keeper while I was asleep, so what? I mean, that's just the special bit of power boost you get when you're a shaman who just happens to…

I shouldn't have told you that.

(Normal P.O.V.)

"Kairi! Wait up!" Sora called, still trying to pull his shoe on. Usually, Kairi was the last to arrive at Castle Radiant Garden due to her speed, but today she had left earlier than the others, and was well ahead.

Riku managed to pull his white jacket on and began running after Kairi, running past Sora and causing him to fall back on his but.

"Hey! Guys!" Sora complained, finally slipping his shoe on and rushing outside.

Giggling profusely at Sora's antics, Kairi managed to keep her lead… for five seconds. Riku bounded ahead in no time, and with an exasperated sigh, Kairi kept on trekking. Luckily, Sora was still way behind.

Rushing through the Crystal Fissure, Riku smirked at his friends in his oh so sexy way – OUCH! Okay, fine, the authoress promises not to mention the sexiness of certain characters named Riku, Demyx, or Axel in the future – OUCH! Ok, amster-dam, on with the story!

Riku smirked at his friends confidently, and spun back around only to bump right into a black clad chest. Shaking his head, Riku looked up and grinned sheepishly.

"Whoops. Sorry, Cloud." With an emotionless nod, Cloud continued on past Riku, walking around Kairi as she caught up. With one last look at the blonde haired enigma, the two continued running.

Sora was finally coming around the bend up towards the Crystal Fissure when he saw Cloud up ahead. As he came up to Cloud, he began to greet him when he suddenly tripped and hit dirt. Pulling his leg back Cloud continued on innocently as Sora cursed a storm.


Cloud smirked.

Sora arrived at Castle Radiant Garden covered in dirt and sweating profusely. Riku and Kairi were already there, Riku leaning against the railing coolly (And hotly) while Kairi sat against the ground, heaving but pleased with herself. Yuffie and Kairi were holding a conversation when Riku interrupted by greeting Sora.

"What happened to you?" Yuffie smirked, eyebrows raised as she looked Sora over. With a half hearted glare, Sora trudged over to the wall and collapsed against it.

"I'm glad you made it, Sora." A taunting voice came. Sora looked up to see Leon leaning over him, a smirk over his sexy -, I mean, usually coldish face. He stood straight and looked at the four as a group. "We have a problem."

"Problem?" Kairi asked. Leon nodded.

"Eleven problems." He sighed. The four shared nervous glances and Sora stood as if he hadn't even been tired in the first place.

"Ok, guys don't panic", Cid's voice came from the open door down the staircase, and he exited the room to come into Sora's line of sight. "But something weird has happened."

Leon continued for him. "Eleven dead souls have been resurrected, to be given a new chance at life." Sora's eyes lit up.

"Like Auron was? That's not so bad? What's the problem? Err… the eleven problems?"

Leon sighed, running his hand through his spiky hair.

"The souls were once dangerous, but they've been stripped of most of their powers, not all, and they've also been put on a sort of leash. One you can control, Kairi." Kairi stood as Leon's gaze fell on her. "They will not hurt anyone, but…" Cid, who had not been participating in the conversation, had closed the door to the room and was now repeatedly banging his head against it, a bland look on his face. The group's conversation died down awkwardly as all of them slowly turned to look at the blonde. Cid didn't notice. With an awkward "ahem" Leon turned back to the group.

"Maybe I should just show you." The three threw apprehensive looks at each other, Kairi being curious; she could somehow control this "leash"? Riku was the most apprehensive; Protective thoughts were passing through his mind as he stepped towards Leon and ahead of his friends, to be the first in the line of fire. Sora was simply baffled. What was so bad about these spirits?

Leon turned and walked down the steps, the trio, and Yuffie in tow. Yuffie stopped at the end of the stairs, as she knew what was going on. With an apprehensive look back at Yuffie, Sora gulped and pushed gently ahead of Kairi, next to Riku.

Leon placed his hand on the door handle. Sora looked up to him and after he and Riku exchanged glances, nodded.

The door swung open.

A muffled scream came from Kairi, Yuffie winced, Riku's eyes went wide as his mouth fell open, and Sora just gawked.

In the room was Merlin, first of all, and as soon as the door was open, he scrambled out of it, throwing insulting and fearful glares back at the inhabitants of the room.

At the computer was Demyx, who was singing loudly and happily, and terribly off key, as he typed random nothings into the computer with flare and pizzazz. Sitting on the desk was Xigbar, who was grinning and singing as well, a bit more to the tune, but still not amazing.

Vexen was sitting at the table in the center of the room, reaching to the center of the table, and tipping the vial in his hand over into the flower pot there. Luxord was watching with impatience and excitement, next to Marluxia. Suddenly, the flowers exploded and grew much bigger, attacking Vexen with a screech. Over his pain-filled screams, Luxord could be heard saying "Pay up" as he extended his hand to the now grouchy Marluxia.

Across from them, Xaldin was sitting on a chair, leaning it back and pointing at Vexen. He was laughing wildly as the plant attempted to eat the Chilly Academic, and according to the empty bottles in front of him, he was drunk. Zexion was drunk as well, and was laughing even louder than Xaldin, and to think he could laugh at all was a miracle.

In the far corner, Laxaeus and Saix were fawning over one of Merlin's books, entitled "Playboy". Oh, scratch that that would be one of Cid's books not Merlin's.

And in the center of all this was a tall silver haired man with tan skin and golden eyes, who, for all else, had a bit, of a smirk-smile on his lips, as if he was fighting the urge to laugh along with them, but couldn't help smirk at their weird behavior.

Sora was completely and utterly shocked, as was Riku, and with one last look at each other, they snatched the door from Leon and slammed it such, both leaning against it as if it would burst open at any moment. Sora called out the Keyblade, and stuck it through the handle, so that the door couldn't be opened, as Riku ran off.

"Keep that door closed!" He called. Kairi leaned over the rail after him.

"Where are you going?" She called. Riku stopped and called back to her.

"To find the deepest darkest pit in the universe, and then I'm gonna use The Way to the Dawn to THROW THEM IN IT!"

That was interesting. Authoress here. If you like it, thanks, if you don't like it, and you send flames, then you will only power up sexy Axel, and then he'll burn you into pudding and feed you to the Canadian moose. Constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I didn't play Chain of Memories, so I have no idea what Marluxia and some of the other characters are like, except for what've read in Fan fictions. If you've played CoM, PLEASE review with tidbits of what they're like or something! Much appreciated!