Why did I let them get me into this! A whole weekend of sleeping in a tent and running away from Scouts! Neither of which I particularly enjoy. In addition there are the millions of bugs, creepy crawlies and things with more than 6 legs that seem to inhabit the toilets here. When I find my way back to camp I'm gonna murder Jen, that is if I can find my way back. This whole place is nothing but trees, trees and more trees!

Caroline glared at a nearby tree; it was looking at her strangely. Although as was the black haired Scout who was watching her from in the branches of the neighbouring oak.

"Bollocking Shitbags!" cried Caroline as she kicked the afore mentioned tree (obviously picturing it as the infamous Jen); before hoping around in pain. "Jen is going to be sorry! I'm going to shove that tent peg right where the sun don't shine!"

"I wouldn't want to be in Jen's position when you next see her," said Guy as he dropped athletically down from the tree behind Caroline. She screamed. "Hey! Chill out. Don't be scared!" He said this with a sharp patronising edge, accompanied with a condescending pat of the head. Big mistake.

Caroline twisted round, picked up a nearby stick and thrust it at Guy's left eyeball. Guy meanwhile was backing up against a tree, scared stiff.

"Don't patronise me! Otherwise the next time you see you left eyeball it will be skewered next to a marshmallow on a bonfire!" She screamed at a terrified Guy who was shrinking back against the tree. "And believe me because Caroline Todd doesn't back down!"

"Uhuh..." he muttered, nodding enthusiastically. "Who's Caroline Todd?" Caroline glared at him viscously. "Sorry," he managed to mumble before she looked like she was about to fetch the marshmallows.

"Thank you," said Caroline politely as she turned on her heel and left... in the wrong direction.

Guy pushed himself away from the tree and brushed himself down. Why did Girl Guides have to be so forceful? Actually it wasn't that bad. He picked up the stick the crazy Guide had dropped and twirled it round like a light saber. He thought back to the Caroline as he thrust the stick at a tree.

"I am so in there!" he said to nobody in particular.

Mac is going to crack up about this when i get back to camp. That is, if he can bear to drag himself away from that bloody annoying Holly. At least my Guide, Caroline has um... personallity? Yeah, that's it! A fiery personality. Mac'll probably say she's crazy or that she has weird eyebrows.

I liked her eyebrows...