Yesterday was crap compared to toady! Apart from the girl with the eyebrows and that manic guide leader chasing Mac out of Holly's tent it was boring. Anyway, let me give you an update; due to the general lack of guide on guide action last night at the (crap and eventless) disco we have decided to ambush the nearby guide camp.

"Martin! Be quite!" snapped Mac in a hushed but none the less irritated voice.

"Hey Stroppy! Chill out! Still annoyed about that Guide Leader catching you with you pants down?" said Guy, trying to suppress a laugh. Which stopped when Mac hit him.

"Don't be so mean to Mac!" said Martin through the side of his mouth.

"Shut up Martin." Said Guy. Boyce poked his head around the side of the tent they were hiding behind.

"They're around a campfire." He looked around again. "And they have marshmallows." He looked again and giggled. "I can see through that girl's top!" Guy almost flew next to Boyce.

"Heh." Their eye's widened.

"They've seen us!" They said in unison. But before they could go anywhere a gangly raven-haired Guide appeared carrying a marshmallow on a stick.

"Nice eyebrows," muttered Mac. Guy turned round and promptly threw himself into a nearby toilet tent. The rest of the Scouts took this opportunity to leg it. By this time the rest of the Guides had gathered around Caroline.

"Guys?" Said the terrified Scout from inside the toilet tent.

"Guys?" He repeated meekly. Caroline slowly unzipped the tent door to reveal Guy grinning pathetically.

"GUYS!" He paused. "GUYS!!"