Linda Wolfson walked down the street to her New York apartment with her eyes half closed. Her last

finals were today meaning the last day of school so she supposed she should be happy but it also

happened to be the full moon tonight. It had been nearly impossible to concentrate in the stifling

classrooms where she had to sit there silently even after she had finished the torturous exams early. 'I

wonder if teachers purposely make finals impossible to pass' she thought with a slight smirk on her face

envisioning teachers plotting out ways to make their students fail. At least Linda's parents wouldn't

blame her if she did poorly on the tests that were today. It was all part of being a fifteen year old in high

school she presumed though. Her mother was the only one who cared about her grades anyways. Her

father was oblivious to the things she did in school.

Shuffling for the key, Linda pushed open the door to the apartment tossing her school bag to the floor

in the corner. High school was a pain anyways, at least she wasn't going to be a freshman anymore. It

was so much easier to learn about stuff in the nine kingdoms. There all she really had to learn was

history which was her best subject anyways. She walked straight to the kitchen, made a quick bacon

sandwich and retreated into her room. She was jumpy and hyper of course and decided to play guitar to

calm her energetic nerves. Turning up the amp she played just loud enough so that it didn't bother the

neighbors falling into the sounds that she pulled from the cords.

Wolf bounded merrily down the street. He could hardly wait until 7 tonight when prince or should he

say king Wendell would open the portal between the nine kingdoms and Central Park. He stopped for a

moment when he heard loud music coming from up ahead. Linda was already home and playing her

guitar like always. He smiled as he thought of their usual routine which he was about to repeat. Wolf

would head home from the restaurant for about a two hour break. Linda would have come home

recently from school and would have made something small to eat and then disappeared into her room

to play guitar. Wolf walked into the kitchen and started making himself bacon to eat and a moment later

Linda appeared having sensed him and sat down silently.

Today Linda smiled at Wolf, he looked at her for a moment as he finished putting the bacon in the

pan. "What is it?" he asked confused by her stare.

"You just ate a piece of raw bacon dad, shouldn't youat least cook it a little before eating it?"

Helaughed not even noticing that he had stuck the piece of bacon in his mouth. "It's the full moon"

he said with a wolfish grin "what can I say?"

"I say you can hurry and cook that bacon before I end up eating it raw as well and then I would worry

only about what mom would say." She was grinning with an expectant look on her face.

Wolf wouldn't have cared if Linda had eaten the bacon raw or cooked but he knew Virginia would

have both their tails if he did so he went about with his daughters request.

After the two ate they talked about tonight, Wolf's eyes flashed yellow with excitement as he talked.

Then he made the mistake of mentioning school. Linda's cheery face fell and she dropped her head into

her arms which were crossed over the counter.

"Horribly, I had final exams today and I know I failed both of the ones I had. Of course it has to be the

hardest subjects that ends up falling on the full moon like they planed it. I had to concentrate on the test

and then after I finished I had to sit there silently. It was complete torture." she moaned with a growl

underlying her voice.

Wolf smiled sympathetically "At least its over."

"Ya your right" Linda smiled lightly at her father and the two continued to talk for the rest of the day.

Virginia came home to hear voices in the kitchen. Linda then popped her head around the corner with a

large grin on her face.

"Hey sweetheart" Virginia said as she walked into the kitchen. "How was school today?" "Don't ask"

Virginia looked to Wolf mouthing to ask him about it later.

"So love how about we go the kingdoms now?" Wolf had on his most charming smile on. Virginia

sighed "I just got home" Linda immediately piped in "True but we have been home for a few hours

stuck in this house. We really want to go out." she had on a puppy dog face "besides you can always

relax more in the castle with the knowledge that me and dad aren't somewhere getting into trouble and

braking stuff." Virginia sighed. Her daughter did have a point there. "Fine lets go then." The family of

three ran about the apartment fetching their things and headed to central park.

Meanwhile in the 4th kingdom

"King Wendell sir you have a letter from Queen Riding Hood the 3rd." "Thank you Henry please

leave it on my desk." Henry nodded and departed from Wendell's study. Wendell stood there gazing out

his window until he heard the door click then turned to his desk where the letter had been placed.

He was nervous about opening the letter from the queen of the 2nd kingdom. Her entire kingdom was

in turmoil and had been for quite sometime and any letter coming from her was sure to be bad news.

His fingers ran along the edge of the of the envelope breaking the red wax seal bearing the symbol of the

house of red. Taking out the letter Wendell read the letter and reread it with worry in his eyes.

Dear King Wendell,

As you already know my kingdom has been in constant turmoil since you passed that wolf pardon. The wolf population have been rioting with demands to equal rights. The farmers and townspeople worry for their livestock and their own lives. I fear it is only a short time before a civil war breaks out. My soldiers have been trying to keep this under control but I can see no chance of avoiding the inevitable.

I have considered a solution to these growing problems though. As you well know I cannot simple take in your wolf pardon. There is no telling what the wolves would do and the farmers would all turn against me and we would still run into war. I have found that the only possible way to evade confrontation is to place restrictions on the wolf population.

I propose the revoke of your wolf pardon along with my wolf restriction. If we take this course of action then war will be most likely avoided.

Please write with your response soon. I would like to speak with you in person about these issues as well.

Queen Red Riding Hood 3rd

Wendell knew that this would lead to problems and immediately rushed to find Tony to show him the

letter. Wendell also remembered that Virginia, Wolf, and their daughter Linda would be coming tonight

and he needed to warn them as well.

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