A/N: Earlier this year, there was a meme going around LiveJournal called "Twenty-Eight (insert character name here)". It was a meme where you chose your fav character and then people on your friends list would pick something from a list of 28 descriptions. Then you were to write 100-300 words (or more) of fanfic about the character and chosen topic. I didn't get requests for all 28, but what I had were enough to offer here as well.

Disclaimer: The Transformers (Sunstorm) belong to Hasbro, and originally licensed by Takara.

Silly Sunstorm

After reaching the third sector of his interstellar security rounds, Sunstorm transformed from jet mode and sat cross-legged on a floating asteroid. It was a dull cycle, as nothing at all was happening anywhere. Just to amuse himself then, he pulled a couple of twisted metal figurines from his subspace, one in each hand.

The golden seeker holds up one, and speaks in a deep, threatening voice while bouncing it around a bit. "For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little planet. But after you have gone to such great lengths to annoy me…!"

Then his Lord of Light figure is held level with the Chaos Bringer, and Sunstorm changes his voice to sound valiant and true. "Say what you will, but I know that you will never prevail for as long as the Matrix exists!"

The Chaos bringer was then held close to the other one, angered. "What you say!"

"That power of Light will save us all! Neener, neener, neener!" Sunstorm sticks his tongue out in emphasis too.

The Chaos figure hops up and down, yelling, "Raaargh! Now you shall witness your DISMEMBERMENT!"

Then Sunstorm sends a tendril of plasma radiation from his hand through his Light figure, to seize the bouncing Chaos Bringer.

"Noo…! Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my... DESTINYYYYY!" And he falls flat on his back, as if dead.

Sunstorm chuckles to himself, picking up the two and subspacing them again. Time to move on to his next post.