A/N: Earlier this year, there was a meme going around LiveJournal called "Twenty-Eight (insert character name here)". It was a meme where you chose your fav character and then people on your friends list would pick something from a list of 28 descriptions. Then you were to write 100-300 words (or more) of fanfic about the character and chosen topic. I didn't get requests for all 28, but what I had were enough to offer here as well.

Disclaimer: The Transformers (Sunstorm) belong to Hasbro, and originally licensed by Takara.

Bath-Time Sunstorm

Certain liberties that others took for granted where most definitely considered a luxury to Sunstorm, if he managed to find a way to enjoy them without undesirable results. Baths were one of these. The femmes who ran the Wax of War spa had agreed to let Sunstorm use their facilities after realizing that he could actually be of some good for once.

The radiant seeker of fusion entered the fancy structure without a friendly word of welcome to anyone, and whenever he pleased. But no one wanted to acknowledge his presence anyway, for fear of becoming privy to his long-winded preaching about the End Times. They had designated a place in the back of the spa that a few engineers had built to specification.

Sunstorm finally had his very own hot tub, which was fed a constant stream of conditioned water so the tub would stay full. If it wasn't for that, the liquid would quickly boil away to nothing! Of course, a lot of steam was produced as a result. This in turn would be piped for use as energy that the spa stored in reserve!

"Cleanliness is godliness. Why should I be denied of this?" Sunstorm said to himself as he settled into the bubbling, steamy tub.