A/N: Earlier this year, there was a meme going around LiveJournal called "Twenty-Eight (insert character name here)". It was a meme where you chose your fav character and then people on your friends list would pick something from a list of 28 descriptions. Then you were to write 100-300 words (or more) of fanfic about the character and chosen topic. I didn't get requests for all 28, but what I had were enough to offer here as well.

Disclaimer: The Transformers (Thundercracker) belong to Hasbro, and originally licensed by Takara.

Daring Thundercracker with a side of Dirge

It hadn't been a well-thought out plan when Dirge decided to lay down the final blow to put an end to the skirmish. His dreadful, subsonic frequency wasn't selective, and if any Decepticons failed to clear the area too, they fall victim to it as well.

Since Dirge had been the mission leader at that time, Thundercracker felt need to get even. It was rather belittling to have found himself cowering like a useless drone-worker in amongst the Autobots, with Skywarp laughing his fool head off in response.

That's how it came to be, that Thundercracker was in charge of this latest stunt. The only help he asked from Skywarp was to gain access into Dirge's quarters. The rest involved an elaborate rewiring of things about the room that would be sure to make Dirge think he was loosing his mind. The lights would flicker and black out for periods of a time, and the personal console and recharge birth would have strong surges of electricity, they would shock anything touching it at the time. For an added measure, a haunting whisper of an ancient Cybertronian tongue playing from an undisclosed location in the room.

Sometime later, the frantic bellow of a certain frightened conehead echoed down the hallway after he ran from his room. Dirge danced nervously in the hallway a few seconds more, before the blank and baffled looks from Rumble and Ramjet made him stop. Dirge's expression quickly melded into that of embarrassment, and tried to sound legit as he pointed at the open entrance to his darkened quarters.

Rumble smirked now, doing his best to hold back laughter. "Yeah... we'll let the Constructicons know your nightlight went out."