A/N: Earlier this year, there was a meme going around LiveJournal called "Twenty-Eight (insert character name here)". It was a meme where you chose your fav character and then people on your friends list would pick something from a list of 28 descriptions. Then you were to write 100-300 words (or more) of fanfic about the character and chosen topic. I didn't get requests for all 28, but what I had were enough to offer here as well.

Disclaimer: The Transformers (Thundercracker) belong to Hasbro, and originally licensed by Takara.

On-His-Knees Thundercracker

Thundercracker spat some more of the gritty mud from his mouth in disgust. Disgust from the taste of it, as well as the fact he even let himself get shot down by those ground-dredging Autobots. The damaged seeker was barely able to get up on his feet, when the muzzle of a gun pressed into a painfully sensitive gash on his back kept him down on his knees.

"Don't move!" the voice growled, even though Thundercracker started to feel the gun tremble. Certainly didn't sound like one of those bothersome Lamborghini brothers, he decided.

"What would you do, if I did?" he asked his opponent. A test. How would this one react?

"Just, don't move! Please…" the voice became a little more desperate, and the shaking from the gunner's hand, much more obvious.

Thundercracker could tell from the lay of the battle around him that all the other Autobots were preoccupied. His captor didn't have anyone covering him. It amused the blue seeker that this particular Autobot thought this alone would keep him at bay.

"If I scare you that much, how come you haven't taken me out yet?" he turned his head slightly to get a glimpse of who it was.

"Because.." the silver Datsun attempted to loosen up in an attempt to escape his gripping fear. "Because I.. I've been ordered to not shoot to kill. Because it will not end the pain… that you've caused…"

"Me?" His mouth twisted.

"You.. and every other seeker that dropped bombs across my city! What did we do to deserve that? We had nothing to do with the wars! We were just.. just…"

Thundercracker sighed, but said nothing more. His optics dimmed briefly, finding it strange he felt a pang of guilt from that hapless Autobot now.

The silver Autobot managed to get his guard up again. "I'm only allowed to take prisoners…"

The seeker's optics glowed bright for a nanoklik, then glanced back toward Bluestreak. His voice was low. "Better watch your back."

Bluestreak's senses tingled at that, and spun around at the instant Skywarp materialized there. But he was ready for the sneaky seeker this time.