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'…' - thoughts
"…" - speaking

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, - 20
Hinata, Kiba, Shino, - 20
Shikamaru, Ino, Choji - 20
Neji, Tenten, Lee - 21
Saneshi and the other new Genin - 12

Chapter 1: Day before the Exam Part 1

Six years have passed since Sasuke returned to Konoha. He still had his intensions of getting revenge against his brother Itachi but for now he could live a simple life for as long as he could. The cursed seal mark occasionally started to act up but the seal that Kakashi-sensei placed on it kept it in check.

Everyone on Team 7, 8, and 9, including Gai-sensei's team had become Jonin level ninjas. Not much had changes the past years, they still hung out when they didn't have missions to carry out or classes that they had to teach.

Naruto had decided that his goal of becoming Hokage and training was more important that getting his group of Genin to teach but Sasuke on the other hand took the job. He was in charge of teaching the students training to become Genin how to use various techniques such as the cloning one. Sakura was still training under Tsunade to become a better medic-nin and has done other types of training on the side.

Hinata chose to be a Genin instructor as well. At the school she taught was were things to avoid when fighting against another ninja and how to take notice of everything and use it to its advantage. Kiba with Akamaru, who had grown large enough for Kiba to ride on, continued to go on mission. Shino was the same, he didn't mind training the new back of Genin but he'd though it would be best if he didn't considering he wasn't much of a talker still. The three of them could get together when the time was right and practice training like the one they used to with Kurenai-sensei.

Ino stayed to work in the flower shop with Sakura visiting every so often, while Choji stayed around Konoha mostly in restaurants eating. Shikamaru as lazy as he was surprisingly took on the job to train with a Genin group. He taught strategies and chakra control in the school. Choji and he would occasionally be seen hanging around Konoha just talking whenever Ino didn't order him to do something.

With Gai-sensei's team, everyone would get together so that Lee could challenge Neji into a match. Every time Lee was able to get at least one punch at him not proving that Lee was getting stronger. Still, Neji would win the match in the end. Tenten would stand on the side watching then once it was done and Lee left to meet up with Gai-sensei to train some more, she would spar with him. Neji at first refused to teach a Genin squad but later on decided too. He was the one who tested the soon to be Genin students and he was the one who chose who would become Genin level ninjas.

The bell at the ninja school rang for the students to prepare for class. Today was the last day to practice before tomorrow's exam that will determine if they could become Genin. Everyone was excited and ran inside to class. First class was with Hinata, then with Shikamaru, then Sasuke and last with Neji to finish the day. All of the students ran to get into their seat; well all of the girls ran to get to sit next to a cute guy with some guys running to sit next to a cute girl.

Hinata stood in the front of the class and waited for everyone to come in. She would usually give her class a ten minute relax time in the beginning of class to get to know each other.

"I love this class. Most of the time we're just getting to know each other Heh. She's the easiest teacher ever." Kai said. He had four blue fang like markings on his face, yellow eyes and dark gray hair. In addition, he wore baggy light gray jacket and dark gray shorts.

"You would say something as stupid as that wouldn't you." A boy wearing a white long sleeve jacket with a collar and dark brown pants. He had brown hair and brown eyes and his name was Zeno.

"Why don't you mind your own business, Tree-boy." Kai growled. Zeno brushed it off. Tomoyo, a girl wearing light gray pants that reach her ankles and a thin white long sleeve jacket. She had short black hair and light blue eyes spoke up.

"Um Kai-kun, Zeno-kun i-is just tell y-you to be n-nicer to Hinata-sensei." Tomoyo said shyly.

Once everyone else took a seat, Hinata started the class. Hinata had changed from being her shy self to actually more talkative. Ever since being with Naruto so much she didn't seem as shy anymore. She spoke more fluidly and louder, although sometimes with Naruto she would stutter unconsciously. After class she was going to go hang out with Naruto and put an order of ramen to pick up tomorrow after the team placement. Once that was done, she would meet up with Kiba and Shino to walk around Konoha to find everyone and remind him or her about the party. Shikamaru took over once class with Hinata was done, and lazily walked to the front of the board.

"This is still so troublesome. Ok class what action enables you to focus your chakra?" Shikamaru said lazily. Not many hands went up considering all of the girls were staring at Ryusuke, the 'hottest guy in class'. He wore a blue short sleeve with color shirt and baggy black shorts. In addition, he had silver hair and crimson eyes. The guys didn't know the answer so they didn't bother raising their hand or they were too lazy too. This class really didn't go to fast. A girl wearing a light blue long fight style dress with light purple pants that reach only the ankles raised her hand. She had long purple hair and violet eyes.

"Yes Rei." Shikamaru said as he leaned against the board so that he wouldn't fall asleep. It was boring back then; it was just as boring now, just that he was in a different part of the room.

"Chakra signs are used to channel and focus chakra in the ninja's body so that it can allow the user to perform special techniques." Rei said.

"Correct. I think every one knows enough to pass so just do what you want today." Shikamaru said. He already knew from the grades and so that everyone that deserved to pass would pass and the ones who couldn't wouldn't so what was the point. He waved his right hand that told them to do whatever they wanted. Anyways after class, he had to meet up with Ino to help her at the flower shop by seeing which flowers would match with each other for the party that was to take place after the teams were formed.

Inside Rei's head, inner Rei. 'Yes! I so knew that question. I hope Ryusuke-kun noticed. Cha of course he did.' She looked over to Ryusuke who was sitting next to Matsuri. 'Arg that Matsuri! How dare he lay on Ryusuke-kun like it was nothing!'

Matsuri had spiky orange yellow hair, light blue eyes, and wore a red short sleeve jacket over a dark blue short sleeve shirt and brown pants.

Flashback to the incident

'I can't believe Rei-chan likes that Ryusuke-teme. Heh lets see how his fan club like him in his underwear' Matsuri though evilly as he used his Invisibility jutsu to become invisible and started to sneak closer to Ryusuke. Ryusuke however knew he was walking toward him form the sound of his footsteps and wait until Matsuri was close enough.

Ryusuke turned around to punch Matsuri in the face when a random fan girl of his ran toward him to give him something. The thing was invisible Matsuri was in the way making the fan girl run into Matsuri and sending him right into Ryusuke with enough force to push both of them over.

All of the girls who liked Ryusuke glared at Matsuri and started shouted.

"MATRURI! GET OFF OF RYUSUKE THIS INSTENT OR YOU'RE DEAD" Rei and Nami shouted before Matsuri jumped back.

End of flashback

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