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Chapter 10: Mission Complete

Saneshi eyes shot open as he bolted up, only to wince and fall back down. He groaned until he heard laughter. He stared at his surroundings; he was in the Konoha Hospital. Kaoru was on his left side sort of lying on the bed and laughing as Tai peered at him from the end of the bed.

"Hey sleepy head." Kaoru said. "Glad you're finally awake."

"Finally awake?" Saneshi looked confused, how long was he sleep.

"My rival, you have been sleep for a full day already. I am sorry to have missed your fight against that ninja. But you are awake now so let celebrate." Tai said and jumped off the end of the bed.

'I was out for a day?' Saneshi though only remembering that he lost consciousness as Jiroshi was able to finish him off.

"Good idea Tai. Come on, we can go to Ichiraku's." Kaoru said. She and Tai had woken up yesterday and were allowed to leave too. They wanted to visit Saneshi but Sakura had told them he was still asleep and to try not to wake him up yet. When Saneshi was about to try and get up again Sakura and Ino walked in. Ino was delivering a flower to all of the injured patients today to help brighten them up and Sakura was going to check on her patients to make sure they were not trying to push themselves.

"Huh? What are you doing trying to get out of bed? Your wound has not fully healed." Sakura said knowing what had happened to him. Neji had haled both Tai and Saneshi under one arm while Tenten carried Kaoru. Sakura had asked what had happened and if it was Neji's fault. Of course Tenten explained and told her it was Neji's fault as Sakura got the three students into a stretcher and moved them to another room to bandage the wounds. Neji was sitting in the waiting room when Tenten and Sakura came back out and lectured him on the well being of his students and that he should be more careful.

"I feel fine." Was all that Saneshi said as Ino placed the flowers down.

"Well you should rest until the big hole in your back feels fine." Sakura said, she was low on patients today since Sasuke had done something similar with his team and they were also in the hospital. Matsuri with his insane rivalry over Ryusuke, tried to get out of bed before Ryusuke and before he should have which caused him to be in a worse then before condition. This happened because Rei had beaten him up for trying to act superior over Ryusuke while calling him an idiot. Sakura had a talk with Sasuke's method of carrying out missions too.


"Sasuke you should let your team get into that condition. I thought I asked to not to go so hard on them." Sakura said sitting next to him. They were at her house having some sweets. Sasuke would always come over when she made sweets, he didn't like to admit it but he had a thing for them. It didn't fit with his personality so he tried to compress his sugar cravings with training and other activities. Sakura had know his obsession over sweets for some time now so she purposely made some just so that she'd have a reason for him to come over. There relationship had gotten a lot more friendly toward each other and he didn't act as cold as he used to in their Genin days.

"They have to learn some things by themselves. What doesn't kill them will only make them stronger." He said taking another bit of the cake. Sakura watched him say that with a straight face as he used his fork to cut another piece off of his slice.

"Sasuke they only just became Genin." Sasuke didn't say anything, he only took another bit. Sakura thought of something not even sure if it would work. "Fine then Sasuke, if you want your team dead even before the Chuunin Exams then be that way. But Neji's team is going to get much stronger. Tenten told me that even Neji gives them some time off."

Sasuke stopped eating. Hearing her say that Neji did something that he didn't, made him slightly competitive.

"I gave them two hours off." Sasuke said but Sakura wanted him to give them at least another day off so she tried to make him more competitive.

"Tenten told me Neji gave his team two days off."

"I gave them three day's off." Sasuke said then started eating the cake again.


"Starting tomorrow. I'm going to get another slice now." Sasuke got up to cut another piece when Sakura took it away.

"No more for today. I have to keep you looking as hot as you are so that means you can't fat." Sakura said and look away as he started to turn red at her calling him hot. 'Cha I so know he just blushed. He's so cute trying to hind it from me.'

End of Flashback

"Now stay in bed. I'll have someone order out some Ramen and bring it here for the three of you." Sakura then left with Ino.

"Hey Ino why aren't you with Shikamaru right now?" Sakura asked, Ino would usually leave now to meet up with him by this time. Ino had finished talking to a staff there to pick up the ramen for Neji's team.

"With Shikamaru? I don't always have to be with him you know." Ino didn't like how everyone said that she was with him all the time. But it was sort of true, even day she would be found walking with him or just near him.

"Ok what happened? I know something must have happened. Is he hanging out with Temari again to make you jealous." Sakura asked nudging her, knowing that Ino wasn't the best of friends with Temari. She did save Shikamaru but she had been just a little too close to him for her pleasure. Like a hundred feet to close for her liking.

"IIE!" Ino shouted forgetting they were still in the hospital as everyone looked in their direction. "Ah sorry about that. Nothing to see here."

Ino pushed Sakura outside and they started talking again as they headed out for a walk. "I made a deal with him."

"A deal?"

"Yup, if he trained real hard with his team I would do something special for him. But since he's as lazy as he is I had to make a threat. If he doesn't train hard I won't even look at him."

"AND IT WORKED?" Sakura shouted. It was unnatural that Ino would do that. Even as lazy as Shikamaru was he wouldn't have agreed to that.

"Yup. Like a charm. I haven't seen him since but I had someone spy on him and they told me he was actually training with him team. Not just that but he was training them until they were exhausted. Nothing like a little threat to made a guy do something for you."

"Hmm. I don't think Sasuke works with threats. He works with taunts though." Sakura said as both of them smiled at how easily Shikamaru and Sasuke were to get to do things, then continued walking.

Over to Neji and Tenten

"I can't believe you Neji. Why did you wait until they were in really deep trouble before going in to help them." Tenten had still just begun to lecture him. Neji groaned.

"Saneshi had to get out the Nekogan. Tenten give it a rest now." Neji was tired. He had to do two days of what Tenten said since she won the bet they made. Exhausted was just one of the things he was feeling.

"That was reckless still you know." Tenten finished lecturing and started to talk to him in a not so serious manner. "So what should we do next? Oh before I forget I wanted…"

"Tenten what more do you want? I bought you enough weapons to last you three years or more, I paid for the Chinese restaurant meal that we had, I took you to Ichiraku's, and I even polished all of your weapons. Do you know how many you have?" It was true, he had done all of this for her and in less then a day.

Flashback to How He Got Into This Mess

Neji's team was unconscious as Jiroshi was heading toward Saneshi about to use his good hand to finish them off when a kunai shot through and stopped in front of him. This caused him to stop his approach and try to locate where it came from.

"Did anyone tell you not to pick on people younger them you?" Tenten said from atop the tree branch.

"You think you can take me on." Jiroshi said as Tenten summoned a long wooden pole to use. Jiroshi shot a wind blast and Tenten leaped off the branch and spun the pole to deflect the wind blast and then knocked him backward. Neji came from behind and by sending chakra through his hand, he pushed Jiroshi with one big chakra blast that closed all of his chakra holes.

"Neji we have to get them to a hospital." Tenten said and picked up Kaoru as Neji grabbed Tai and Saneshi under each arm after grabbing the scroll and placing it into his backpack. They quickly ran back to the Konoha Hospital as fast as they could. After leaving them in Sakura's care they left to visit later on when Sakura was done tending to their wounds.

"Hey Neji you know you lost twice." Tenten said happily with her hands behind her back and walking backwards to face him.

"Huh?" Neji looked at her confused.

"The bet, you said they would walk through Konoha's Gates by the end of today. They didn't want nor is it the end of the day." Tenten smiled seeing Neji's expression remembering. He signed then stopped walking.

"Ok, what would you like me to do for tow days?" Neji asked knowing that it was going to be a rough long two days.

"I know exactly what I want you to do."

End of Flashback

"I just wanted to…" She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled up to kiss him on the lips. He wasn't that much taller then her, he was just tall. "I just wanted to thank you for spending time with me."

Neji felt bad for his outrage. He moved all of the bags filled with weapons to his left hand and grabbed her hand with his right. "Come on, I'll drop this off at your house and we can go do something."

Over with Hinata's Team

Currently Hinata's team was on a mission to set a trap for a group of enemy ninja's about to head toward Konoha. Hinata allowed them to go on their own because Kai insisted that they were strong enough and because he wanted Hinata to hang out with Kiba some more. When the enemy ninja came closer the trees seem to have reached down and grabbed them. Then something shot at them ripping them inter pieces and slashing the ones near it. The ones that got away were blasted by large amounts of chakra.

"The mission is done, lets return." Zeno said as he broke off the branches that he released to grab the enemy ninjas. Kai and Aoikatsu land next to him and Tomoyo walked over.

"H-hai." Tomoyo said jumping into the trees to follow Zeno.

"Heh easy. When do we get a real challenge?" Kai said as Aoikatsu barked in agreement as they followed Zeno and Tomoyo.

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