Show Me a Smile

Disclaimer: I own a swimming pool and Brennan, Booth and Parker are all welcome to come swim in it with me, but unfortunately I don't own them so I can't make them. Sigh. Also I don't own the song "You Got a Friend." Dunno who does but it's not me. It will appear in this story.

Had this idea when I was swimming earlier and I hope to develop it further, let me know what you think!

"Booth, I can't." Temperence Brennan bustled noisily around the lab with an armful of papers, trying her best to ignore the FBI agent that was following her. Booth however, was not giving up without a fight.

"But why? Is there a law that says you can't?"

"I can't because I am already doing something." Her files made a loud slapping sound as they hit the desk, followed by a snort from Booth.

"What's that then, washing your hair again?"

Brennan flashed her eyes at Booth and stormed into her office. Booth closed his eyes and sighed, following her hastily.

"Look Bones, I didn't mean that how it sounded. I just meant that you have lovely hair and you must...wash it a lot to...keep it like that..."

"You are just digging yourself a hole Booth. I know you think I am a sad loser with no social life, but it's my business what I do in my spare time, not yours."

She plonked herself down into her office chair, gasping as it jolted backwards. Booth leant against her filing cabinet and rubbed his eyes.

"Bones, would you just relax? What, are you worried you might have some fun or something?"

She began tapping the keys on her computer keyboard, gazing at the screen.

"If you continue with the snide remarks the only place you will be going this weekend is the hospital."

Booth had to laugh quietly to himself- she was always had that effect when she was annoyed. He strolled lazily over to her desk and sat down opposite her. Leaning back in his chair, he watched her intently. She ignored him, staring only at the computer screen. Booth smiled. Bones was one tough cookie. He leant forwards, his elbows on her desk very close to her keyboard. Eventually she had to look at him.

"Booth, would you please get out of my face?"

He shook his head with a childish grin.

"I'm not going anywhere until you agree to come."

Brennan got up and made for the door of her office, but Booth was quicker. He stood in the doorway, smirking whilst he stretched.

"Please move." Brennan was starting to crack, he could tell.

"Come with me."

"Move or I'll kick your ass."

Booth raised his eyebrows. It wouldn't be long before she gave in now- the threats had started.

Brennan considered kicking him, but he was twice her size and if she was honest, she couldn't be bothered.

She was very close to him- their faces were inched away. Booth leant in and whispered.

"Come on Bones, what are you afraid of?"

This was it. She was about to surrender.

"Ok, ok, white flag. I'll come with you. Now let me out of my office!"

Booth smiled and stepped aside. She walked briskly past him and back into the lab.

"Great, pick you up at eight tonight then!" He called after her.

He'd done it. He'd cracked her. He knew his Bones.


"What are you so mopey about?" Angela asked her best friend, perching on a table top.

Brennan sighed and pushed her chair back. She leant forwards into her lap, covering her face and massaging her temples.

"Booth just bullied me into going to his parents' house with Parker and him, to a family pool party."

Angela smiled.

"Hey, if I know Booth he's no bully. You were probably just being that stubborn, defiant old stick you sometimes turn into."

Brennan was about to protest but Angela cut her off.

"Look, I have a mountain of paper work to do and my only company for the weekend is my cat. You get to go have fun in a swimming pool with a friend, and do nothing all weekend! What are you worried about?"

Brennan looked at the floor in silence.

"Sweetie, you might even get as far as having a laugh. And lets face it, you and Booth? The sooner the better."

Brennan looked up indignantly.

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

Angela grinned and got up.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Now go have fun!"


"You are late!" Brennan stood with her hands on her hips at the door of Booth's car. He sat at the steering wheel with his sunglasses on, smiling cheekily.

"Yeah, sorry, I got……held up."

There was a giggle from inside the car and a water pistol emerged form the back window.

"PARKER!" Booth said sharply.

The water pistol was withdrawn and the window closed.

"As you can see, Parker likes his water pistol. Things got kinda out of hand…."

Brennan's face softened. She strode to the back of the car and placed her bag in the boot. Booth fiddled with the air conditioning whilst Brennan got into the passenger seat.


Booth pulled out of Brennan's drive, checking his wing mirrors and glancing at his son in the one on his side.


"Why is Bones in the front?"

"I don't know son. Why don't you ask Bones why she is in the front?"

Parker thought for a minute, then tugged on Brennan's sleeve.

"Bones? Why are you in the front seat? Is it cos you fancy dad?"

Brennan blushed and turned around in her seat to face Parker.

"Er….I'm in the front because I thought that's where I was supposed to sit."

"Well can't you come sit in the back with me? I get bored real easy and I might need you to play cards with me."

Booth chuckled.

"You wanna watch him- he cheats bad."

Parker tugged on Brennan's sleeve again.

"Please Bones!"

Bones looked at Booth, sitting sideways in her seat.

"Can you pull over?"

Booth shook his head and smiled craftily.

"Sorry Bones, we are already late. Gotta keep going I'm afraid."

"Look Booth, do you want to upset your son? Just pull over!"

"Climb over."


"Climb into the back over the seats."

Brennan looked at him incredulously.

"You are an FBI agent."

Booth nodded.

"And I am also a human. Now climb over."

Brennan could not help but smile. Something about being in the car with a very laid back Booth and his son put her at a great ease. Even if she was breaking a law.

"It's ok Bones, dad lets me do it all the time."

Brennan sighed as she clicked her seat belt off and knelt backwards in her seat. Booth kept his eyes on the road, but was clearly enjoying the fact that Brennan was climbing very close to him into the back of the car.

She half rolled onto the back seat of the car, taking the seat belt that Parker handed her and plugging it in.

She regained her composure and flicked her hair out of her eyes.

"Where are these cards then?"

Parker reached into a hold all and produced a pack of playing cards.

"Dad taught me this new game- I bet I can beat you hands down."

Parker began to shuffle and deal the cards, with a look of great concentration on his young face.

Brennan opened her window and let her hair blow in the breeze. She wasn't unaware of Booth watching her in the mirror, but she didn't look back at him. All the same, it didn't make her uncomfortable.

Parker handed her some cards and splayed his in his hands. He looked at them in great detail.

"Bones? You know dad fancies you, well is that why you came with us to grandma's?"

It was Brennan's turn to smirk.