Chapter Four

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"Bones? Where'd ya go?" Parker almost collided with his father as he met him leading Brennan around the corner onto the patio.

"I saved you the whale and you ran away!"

Brennan looked at Booth guiltily. She bent down so that she was face to face with Parker and smiled.

"I'm sorry Parker, I just remembered that I had left something inside that I needed. I'm back now." Parker nodded and grabbed her hand. He was about to drag her to the pool when his father stopped him.

"Hey son, I think Hannah wants to have a go with the whale, but I'm not sure she's as good as you. How about you go show her how its done?"

This seemed enough to satisfy the child as he ran back to the poolside and began to splash his cousin. Brennan looked up at Booth gratefully.

"Thanks for rescuing me, I've never been any good with kids."

"That's crap Bones, the boy adores you."

They rounded the corner and headed for the pool house.

"And Bones? You never need rescuing, but if you ever do, I'm your man." He linked his arm through hers and nudged her with his hip. She smiled again, and turned her gaze towards the water.

"Seeley? Get your backside over here right now!" the shrill voice of Jeanie Booth came accord the lawn.

"Yes ma'am." Booth turned to Brennan.

"Don't you worry, I'm right here, remember?" she nodded and watched him walk towards the stern looking figure. They were a little way off but she could just make out what they were saying.

"What did you do to make that poor girl leg it like that?" she looked angry- Brennan had to smile.

"Nothing ma."

"Well you must have done something, she looked terrified. Still does!" Booth was about to take the rap for Brennan, and she was too proud to let that happen. She strode to Booth's side and cleared her throat.

"Mrs Booth, Jeanie. I… he…."

Edward had joined the small party and tuned in half way through the conversation.

" Oh my Gawd, what kind of trouble have you got her into? She's not pregnant is she?"

Booth's mouth opened and closed but no sound came out. He had gone very red.

"Eddie, are you saying that the lass is fat? Look at her, there's not an ounce on her! Is that it? Were you making her uncomfortable by ogling her in her swimwear? What did he do hunny? You can tell me."

Brennan looked from one parent to another and grinned.

"I'm scared of water."

There was a short silence.

"Bones, you don't have to…"

Brennan cut Booth off.

"I'm terrified of water and Seeley here was trying to comfort me. Please don't tell him off Mr. and Mrs. Booth, he's been very nice about the whole thing."

Jeanie looked at her son and grinned, whacking him on the back. He wheezed as she spoke.

"That's my boy, look after the ladies." Booth looked incredulous at his mother's change of heart whilst Brennan tried to suppress her laughter.

"Well don't you let my wee slip of a grandson bully you into that pool!" Edward began to stride over to Parker but Booth stopped him.

"Dad, hear the lady out." He was still winded from his mother's slap.

Edward turned to Brennan.

"Yes, well… I… I decided to try and get over it, my fear of water. With your son's help of course."

Jeanie blinked.

"Oh, of course. That's very brave of you young miss, we'll just keep out of your way then…" she dragged Edward away and left Brennan standing by their son's side. Booth turned to Brennan.

"Bones, I'm so sorry, I had no idea they were gonna do that….."

Brennan laughed.

"It's ok Seeley, they have been great. I owed them an explanation. Now are we gonna get in this deathtrap or not?"


Brennan glanced over her shoulder nervously.

"The pool."

Brennan gripped Booth's hand tightly. She sat at the poolside, her legs dangling in the water up to her knees. She couldn't believe what was happening. Away from the safety of the lab, she had just told her colleague and his family her biggest fear and was about to face it. How had she allowed this to happen?

It's him, she thought.

He's not just a colleague, he's a friend, a rock, a……

"You ok?" he squeezed her hand and nudged her gently. She looked up at him and nodded. It was hot, and the water did feel nice on her legs. If only she could forget what had happened. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"In your own time," Booth said. Having already been splashed by his son, his orange swimming trunks had turned red. The two of them sat side by side, their legs submerged to the knees. Brennan moved her legs through the water slowly, watching the ripples that were formed on the surface. The water felt silky, smooth, loose. She was in control of it- for now.

But what if she lost control? What if something grabbed her? Snagged her from beneath, held her down so she couldn't breathe……

"You ready to go a bit further?"

Ah yes. Then he would save her.

"What do you think is going on?" Jeanie strained to see the pool form her deck chair. Her husband sat beside her, reading a newspaper.

"I don't know dear."

"They obviously like each other."

"Yes dear."

"Or he wouldn't have brought her, would he."

"Yes dear. I mean, no dear."

Jeanie turned to her husband and snatched his newspaper from him.

"Eddie, pay attention." Edward sighed and turned to his wife.

"Jeanie dear, I love you more than life itself, but please, give the poor boy a chance. He obviously cares for the girl a lot, but having his dragon of a mother breathing down his neck ripping him to pieces cannot be helping. Besides, the poor girl has enough to deal with right now, facing that pool."

Jeanie stared at her husband, open mouthed, then turned back to the pool where her son and his friend still sat. was she a friend? Colleague? Future mother for Parker? She certainly seemed very nice, a successful career woman. Not that it mattered of course. But the way he looked at her…… She recognized that look, had seen it before. Edward had looked at her in that way when they had met, back in Texas. He'd looked at her in exactly the same way since the day they had met. If only Bones knew what she did about that look…..

"Eddie, go and start the barbeque. It's getting on for dinner time."

Her husband sighed and stood up.

"Yes dear."

"Booth, you get in first." Brennan looked at him and tucked her hair behind her ears. "Go on, please….."

Booth nodded and hopped into the pool, about half a meter form Brennan. He waded back to the side and took her hand.


She was about to lower herself into the shallowest end of the pool when Parker ran at her form behind and began to squirt her with a water pistol. She turned to see who it was and in the process, lost her balance, falling straight into the pool. She was completely submerged. In those few seconds, the whole memory from the lake returned and played through her mind. Then it disappeared.

Strong arms lifted her to the surface and propped her up. She coughed and spluttered- the fall had been unexpected and had knocked the wind out of her. Opening her eyes, she realized that she was no longer afraid. Booth gripped her arms and looked into her face, concerned.

"Bones? Are you ok? Bones?" she looked around her. Parker was standing by the edge of the pool, looking horrified. Sophie and Hannah were watchng- still unaware of Brennan's fear. Jeanie and Edward were running across the lawn towards the pool, having seen her topple into the water. Brennan looked down at the water, then up at Booth. He was worried- but he had saved her.

He was a hero. Her hero.

He had made all her fear go away, and rescued her from the lake for good.

"Bones talk to me, are you alright?"

When she didn't respond, he lowered his arms to her waist and began to lift her. She slapped his arms away gently and looke up into his eyes.

Then she kissed him. They stood in the middle of the pool, arms around each other.

"Thank you," she whispered into his chest. He scooped water down her back and grinned.

"I told you, I'll always be here to save you."

Parker dive bombed into the pool nearby and swam up to them.

"Dad, you just snogged Bones! And grandma saw!" Booth ruffled his son's hair and turned to see his parents standing at the pool side.

"I'm in for it now," he laughed.

"Seeley Booth! You put that girl down right now! She's supposed to be getting used to the water! Groping her isn't going to help!" Jeanie couldn't help but smile as Brennan turned to face her.

"I apologize Jeanie…"

"Oh don't my dear, we've all been there. But don't let the great lump get in the way!" Booth looked mildly offended and hugged Brennan from behind.

"Mother, I am not a great lump. Neither am I in Dr. Brennan's way."

"Oh I think you are." Brennan shrugged his arms away and turned to face him again.

"Sorry?" Booth looked confused.

"You, are in my way." She prodded him in the chest and framed up against him.

"You better move."

He grinned and realized what she was doing.

"Or what?"

She grinned evilly, then grabbed Parker's water gun and began to shoot water into his face. He gasped and stepped back, falling under the surface of the water. When he came back up, he grabbed Brennan playfully by the waist.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest you for possession of illegal firearms…."