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Chapter 1: A brother's gift

The sun was at the peak of it's rotation across the sky. Standing strong and mighty directly above the earth. It's rays shining down upon a certain village we all know and love, Kaede's Village. In this particular village, there dwelled a certain group of misfits. A half-demon, a lone demon-slayer, a rural and lecherous monk, a tiny, orphaned fox-demon, and a miko. Though on this day, that particular part of the group was M.IA. Inside one particular hut, sat the remaining four members of the motley crew. And in particular, the half-demon, Inuyasha, was laying on his side on the floor, tapping his clawed-fingers on his leg in annoyance.

"Goddammit, where the hell is she!" he yelled in annoyance. " Calm down, Inuyasha. Kagome just left yesterday and she said she'd be back in three days. I think you can bare her absent presence for two more, can't you?" Miroku asked as he patiently sipped his tea. Inuyasha got up onto his feet, faced his other three companions and said,

"Hey! I couldn't care less if she came back, it's just that she's the only one who can sense the sacred jewel shards! And isn't it just my luck that the only one here with that ability is the one that always needs to go home and take her 'tests'. Inuyasha ranted.

Inuyasha was not making Kagome's leave any easier to deal with. While the others were better at keeping their anxiety under control, they to were wishing for some non-existent miracle to come along and bring Kagome back now. Lately though, Inuyasha's bickering was getting on Sango's nerves. Which was strange, since she was always able to deal with it before, but lately...any form of concern for the girl-from-the-future from Inuyasha seemed to be getting to her for some strange reason.

"Inuyasha will you stop, already! All you've done since Kagome left is just sit in that same spot and complain. Why don't you go outside and stretch your legs or something!" she practically spat, her voice dripping with agitation. Sango's outburst was a little un-expected to most, especially Inuyasha. Sango always seemed to be the silent one of the group. Always contributing her two cents to the conversation but never saying more than her fair-share.

"What's with you?" Inuyasha asked, still perplexed. Sango just went back to her tea closing her eyes, refusing to look at him. "Nothing, just go let off some steam already." she said.

Things that Inuyasha didn't understand scared him, though he never told anyone, and how Sango was acting now he did not understand. So in essence, she scared him right now. Not wanting to make her any more angry than she is now, he headed to the door. But, even if he was scared, he could never stand not having the last words in the conversation.

"I think you're the one that needs to blow off some steam." he said with smirk on his face as he left the hut. Though he soon regretted his words as he felt a tea cup hit him square on the back of the neck and the feeling of searing hot tea running down his back. "YEOOW! What the HELL! he yelled staring back at the hut, holding the back of his neck. But he decided that going back in and arguing with her was not a very smart thing to do. So he turned on his heel and headed for his forest.

Inside the hut, Sango had just gained a new cup of tea and was bowing on it to cool it off. As she took her first sip, she opened one of her eyes in the direction of Miroku and Shippo, who were staring at her. She took her tea from her mouth while opening her other eye and asked, "What?" Miroku just went back to his tea while Shippo went back to playing with Kirara.

As she went back to blowing on her tea, her mind began to wander, "Stupid Inuyasha. Why does he have to be so damn annoying? Kagome's gone for ONE day, and he's acting as if it's been one decade!... ...Then again why am I getting so worked up over it? This is just typical Kagome-leaving-and-Inuyasha-waiting stuff . Nothing out of the ordinary here...except for how I'm acting. Lately I've been getting irritated whenever this sort of thing happens. But-but why?" she thought to herself while she took another sip of her tea.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Inuyasha was sitting on a branch of the Sacred Tree looking up at the sky. Wondering about the wonders of the world: demons, immortality, the Shikon-no-Tama, and Sango. "What's with her? She's been acting weird ever since Kagome said that she had to go home." Inuyasha would have continued his thoughts if not for the familiar, yet putrid to Inuyasha, scent of his older-brother, Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha got up on the branch and launched himself into the air, towards the area where the scent was coming from. And just like that, one minute he was in the air, then he was descending towards the earth and then he was face to face with the only living member of his family. He was alone. Inuyasha's hand instantly went to the hilt of Tetsusaiga as he continued to eye his brother with hatred in his eyes and voice.

"Sesshomaru, what are you doing here? And what do you want?" he interrogated. Sesshomaru just stood there in place. Never blinking, never moving even an inch from his stand point and never taking his eyes off of Inuyasha. Then, slowly, his one remaining hand began to travel to his sword. Inuyasha quickly drew his the second he saw Sesshomaru's hand move. As his hand reached the area of his swords, Inuyasha tensed. Then, to Inuyasha's surprise, instead of reaching for Tokijin as Inuyasha was expecting, he began to reach for Tenseiga. And even more surprising, was that he did not reach for it's hilt, but instead behind the hilt, where he took hold of the sheath, and pulled Tenseiga off of his sash.

Then he did the last thing Inuyasha thought he would do: He threw the Tenseiga to Inuyasha. Acting quickly, Inuyasha stuck the Tetsusaiga in the ground and caught the Tenseiga in his hands.

He stared at the sword, as if perplexed by its appearance, then he tore his gaze from the sword back to Sesshomaru. Then, after getting over his initial shock subsided, he blurted out, "What is this? Is this some kind of trick?"

Sesshomaru, the expression on his face never changing or faulting, said in his usual cool-as-a-cucumber tone, "You are such an ingrate." then smiling slightly, "Can't a brother give his sibling a simple gift without having to be suspected of foul play?" Inuyasha, not really understanding what was going on, then said,

"Well then, would you care to explain yourself?" Sesshomaru smile faded and he went back to his usual cool demeanor. "As you wish, little brother. As you must know, since Totosai was kind of enough to explain to you, the Tenseiga is a sword of healing. A weapon used to give life, than take it. Knowing me, you should know that I will never have the intention to bring someone or something back to life. The few times that I actually have, was of the swords will, not mine. Therefor, the Tenseiga is merely dead weight, resting on my waist, rusting."

"While I would never use the Tenseiga that often, and I could never use its true power: to save 100 lives with one stroke, it is still one of our fathers fangs and to see it going to waste... ...pains me. So, I give the Tenseiga to you. It may have been father's wish for me to possess the sword, but if I cannot use it, than what is the point of holding onto it? The Tenseiga is yours, little brother."

As he said that, the sword began to glow red, in Inuyasha's hands. Inuyasha looked at it, then up to Sesshomaru, "What's going on! Why's the sword glowing!" he yelled. "The sword is contemplating whether you are a suitable owner." he said. The sword continued to glow red for another few moments. Soon, within the time-span of a minute and a half, the sword pulsated, it's aura turned blue and then the aura receded back into the sheath.

Sesshomaru then smiled again, "It seems it has accepted you as its new owner." With that he turned on his heel to leave. Then he heard from behind him, Inuyasha's voice, "Heh. You're making feel bad, I didn't get you anything... ... ...big brother." Hearing Inuyasha call him by a sibling emblem made him stop dead in his tracks. Then he turned around, with a cold look in his eyes and said,

"Don't get carried away, Inuyasha. This doesn't change anything between us. You and I are still blood-bred enemies." And with that, he turned and receded into the darkness of the forest, with a smile on his face.

Once he was gone Inuyasha looked down at the sword in his hands for a long instant. Letting everything that had just transpired here sink in. Then, with a smirk, he picked up Tetsusaiga out of the dirt and sheathed it. And then stuck Tenseiga in above Tetsusaiga, much like Sesshomaru did with Tenseiga and Tokijin. Feeling the comfortable weight on the left side of his waist, he to turned on his heel to head back to the village.

"Thanks bro." he thought.

End of Chapter 1

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