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Chapter 3: Welcome back

For 1 grueling week Inuyasha trained with Totosai. He learned the proper arc that the sword must travel in order to resurrect different things and different numbers. For an animal: A simple downward swipe. For a human: A downward swipe with an arc off to the side once the slash is finished. For a demon: A diagonal, downward slash. Then to resurrect a large number of anything, one must concentrate and send his chi flowing from his entire body and pour it into the sword.

Once done, the sword must be put horizontally in front of the user, chant the techniques name and bolts of the users chi will shoot from the sword. Those that the bolts touch will be resurrected.

For a week Totosai made sure that Inuyasha knew all the proper forms. Repetitively reminding him of how important they were, for dire consequences that Totosai was not willing to reveal would follow should Inuyasha use the wrong arc with the wrong life form. Continuously whacking him over the head with his hammer. For a whole week Inuyasha and Totosai exchanged blows, insults and...other stuff.For a whole week Inuyasha learned, for a whole week Totosai taught and for a whole week, Sango worried herself sick.

She had no idea why she was worried or why she should be worried. All that she knew was that for some strange reason, she wanted the easing sight of Inuyasha walking down the path that leads to the village. She was standing outside of Kaede's hut, as she did every day. Kirara would be there next to her or on her shoulder, re-assuring her that everything was going to be okay. But she was not thereon a count of Inuyasha taking her to get to Totosai's place. She knew where he was and probably what he was doing. But that did not ease her mind.

All that she knew was that she was here, and he was there. "Why am I feeling this way? I shouldn't, but I am, and I can't stop. No matter how many times I try...I just can't get him out of my head. 'He's strong enough to take care of himself, and arrogant enough to not allow anything to get the better of him'. No matter how many times I repeat that in my head, it doesn't help. In fact, all it does is remind me that he's out there, and that I can't do anything to prote-NO! He doesn't need any protection! He never has and he never will!."..."Then why do I keep feeling like this?"

Of course, Sango knew the answer. Anyone who could use 5 of their brain would know the answer, and not that she was just worried about him, she had come to terms with that by the third night. But she knew why she was worried, she knew why she was thinking about him, she knew why he was the only thing she could think about for the past week. And when she found out why, she was disgusted with herself, she thought herself the lowest form of life. He belonged to Kagome and Kikyo and she belonged to Miroku. But no matter how much she tried to deny it, no matter how many times she gave herself reasons why she shouldn't...it was impossible to ignore. It was impossible to keep it locked up inside anymore.

"I love Inuyasha."

"Well Inuyasha, I have taught you all that I can." Their training was over and it couldn't have come any sooner for Inuyasha. He had just about had it with the old-fart's lecturing and correcting and hammering. The snoring at night the smell of his feet, he didn't think that he'd miss any of it.

"It's about time you antique mummy. Why the hell did you have to make the Tenseiga so complicated? Why couldn't you make it easier to understand? Like the Tetsusaiga?" he questioned the sword smith. Once he was finished, he felt the familiar feel of hard metal connecting with his skull.

" Have you listened to nothing that I have told you for the past week! Life is much more complicated to give than to take! With the Tetsusaiga, all you had to do was aim and fire, the Tenseiga is different!" calming down somewhat, Totosai sat down on his cow and proceeded to try to get this information through Inuyasha's thick skull.

"Life is the most fragile thing in all three of the worlds, Inuyasha. And like anything fragile, it is much more difficult to construct than to destroy. As is one of the laws of the world that all things be complicated to build and yet, be so easy to destroy. Life being the most fragile of all things to create, is even more difficult to rebuild. That is why the Tenseiga is more complicated to use. Now it's becoming clear as to why your father gave you the Tetsusaiga and Sesshomaru the Tenseiga." he said mumbling the last part.

"What was that, gramps?" Inuyasha asked with a scoffed expression. "Oh nothing, nothing at all." Totosai said, trying to save his skin.

"Keh, whatever old man. I'm gone. See you later." he said, "Hey Kirara, we're going!" The fire cat perked up her ears and woke up from her napping area and bounded over to Inuyasha. Upon reaching him, she transformed into her larger form. After a week of doing nothing but sleeping, eating and conversing with a wide eyed cow, she was just about ready to get out of here. Maybe even more than Inuyasha, at least he got to do something.

Inuyasha boarded onto Kirara and was about to take off, when Totosai spoke up. "Inuyasha, do not forget the proper swipes for the different things!" "Shut up, old man! You've been going on about that for a whole week now, I get it already!" and with that, he was gone.

Sango was still outside the hut, and it was already sundown. She had been waiting outside all day, as she had for the past week. Standing there, staring off at the trail leading to the village, waiting. Miroku and Shippo had just come back from town after some...errands.

"Miroku, when are you going to stop flirting with every pretty lady you see?" Shippo asked his friend. "I have no idea what you are talking about, Shippo. Now, if you are referring to my conversing with the ladies back in town, then I must say my young friend, I shall stop when they stop being so lovely." he said with a grin.

"But Miroku, you're engaged to Sango!" Shippo yelled reminding him. "I know that, but our engagement does not mean that I can't talk to other women, right? That's like saying that I'm not allowed to talk to Kagome, just because she's a woman." Miroku pointed out.

Shippo thought for a second, and sighed when he realized that, somehow, he was right. As they approached the hut they saw that Sango was still waiting next to the door. Shippo jumped off of Miroku's shoulder to run over and talk to her. Once he got to her he saw that she had a very distant look. As if she was off in her own world.

"Hey Sango. Are you still waiting for Inuyasha?" he asked. The sound of Shippo's voice broke her out of her thoughts and she looked down at him. She looked at him strangely, almost wondering where he had come from. Then she put on a smile, knelt down and stroked his hair. "Yeah, I guess you can say that. After all, he does have Kirara with him." she told him. Just because she had discovered her feelings for Inuyasha, didn't mean that everyone else had to know.

"Sango, why don't you come inside. It's getting dark, and it'll be getting cold soon." Miroku said coming up behind Shippo. "Yeah, sure. I'll be in in a minute." Shippo looked down the dirt path for a few seconds before he gave a sigh. "I wonder what's taking Kagome so long. She said she'd only be three days. It's been a whole week already." Miroku knelt down and picked Shippo up onto his shoulder. "Don't worry Shippo. I'm sure Kagome has a good reason why she's late. Let's go inside and get something to eat, okay?"

"Alright then. Although I wish I had some of Kagome's yummy ninja food to munch on." Shippo said as he and Miroku entered the hut. Sango watched with a smile as her friends entered the hut, then it was gone as she turned back to the road.

Night had come, but Inuyasha had not. Sango was still waiting outside, all but a few huts were dark; including Kaede's. Kaede had come out only minutes ago with a blanket for Sango. Being the wise, old priestess she was, she knew that to persuade Sango when she was steadfast and willing to do something, there was just no point. "She is so much like Inuyasha, that child." she had thought with a small smile on her face.

Sango was tired, but she was going to wait, wait for him. A smile then appeared on her face and she soon began to giggle a little at her behavior. "This is something Kagome would do. It's insane. I've only just accepted that I love him, and I'm already acting like her." She continued to laugh at herself, until she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey, what's so funny?" came the gruff voice that Sango had unconsciously fallen in love with. She turned, and sure enough, Inuyasha was walking down the path with Kirara on his shoulder. When Sango saw him, she just couldn't help but stare. Until now, she had just seen Inuyasha as Inuyasha. But now, with her newest revelation, she was looking at him in a whole different light. His long locks of hair that used to be just plain white to her were now silver strands glowing in the pale moonlight and flowing smoothly with the help of the crisp evening breeze.

He seemed taller and more lean to her now. And as he drew ever nearer she could see his ears. Those cute little white puppy ears that she had fallen in love with, even before she fell in love with their owner. And then, letting her eyes travel down to his face she saw them. His gorgeous amber eyes. The moonlight faintly shining on them illuminated them, making it appear almost as if they were glowing.

He was now directly in front of her, staring. And she was staring back. Light amber eyes meeting chocolate brown ones. It seemed like an eternity that they stood their, gazing into each others eyes. Then, Sango was brought out of her gawking when she saw something small and white in his outstretched hands. She, reluctantly, tore her gaze from his and looked down to his hands.

Sitting there was her oldest friend, her pet Kirara. She hopped out of Inuyasha's hands and onto Sango's shoulder, nuzzling against her face. The feel of her fur against Sango's face caused her to laugh. "Hahaha, hey Kirara I've missed you. Did you miss me?" she asked her kitten. Kirara wrapped her tails around Sango's neck in response. Sango let her get herself settled in before she turned back to Inuyasha, who had a slight smirk from watching them.

She was now able to find her voice, unlike before. She smiled before she said, "Welcome back." Inuyasha's grin grew just the slightest bit before he said, "Good to be back. Let's get inside before you completely freeze." he said wrapping his arm around her and leading her inside. If Inuyasha would have looked back down at her at any moment, he would have seen her little blush upon her cheeks.

End of Chapter 3

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