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Dean and Sam sat in yet another grungy bar. Sam was, as usual, typing on his computer while Dean nursed a beer.

Dean laughed mentally at the normalcy of the scene. Nearly two months since the accident, the Impala fixed, and their father having left again to 'protect them,' life had returned to its usual abnormal normalcy.

The sounds of 'Wayward Son' by Kansas drew his attention to the jukebox in the corner of the room. A girl stood in front of it, focused as she flipped through the song list. After punching several buttons to make another selection, she headed for the bar.

"I've got something I've gotta do." He told Sam, who groaned when he saw where Dean's attention was. Dean ignored his brother and headed towards the young woman seated by herself at the end of the bar.

Dean sat down beside the girl, turning on his stool towards her.

"Hi." He said finally. She looked over at him, then returned to her drink. "My name's Dean." He told her, kind of annoyed by her ignoring him.

"Hello Dean." She said in an alto voice, a welcome change to the annoyingly high pitched voices of the girls he normally chased, not that they were all that hard to catch.

He watched her as she smiled slowly, before sipping her hard lemonade. She grimaced at the slight bite of the alcohol, making it obvious that she didn't usually drink.

"Do you have a name?" He asked finally.

"Of course." She replied with a grin. Then took another sip of her drink.

Since she didn't seem to be overly talkative, he leaned back and inspected her closely. She was one gorgeous woman. He guessed that she was probably barely twenty-one, he would've guessed slightly younger if he hadn't seen her flash her ID at the bartender.

Dark brown, almost black hair fell in soft waves down to her waist. She was tall, just a few inches shorter than himself, with long legs and a lush figure. A full chest, a small waist and feminine curved hips with a delectably (to Dean) curved butt.

Besides her lack of falling at his feet like most females he'd met, she was not his usual type at all. He loved blondes with model thin bodies who wore the minimum of clothing.

Dean's eyes traveled down her sweetly curved body. She wore faded, undecorated jeans that were a close fit, but not skin tight, and were cut to ride tight against her hip bones. A simple fitted black razorback shirt and black and teal sneakers with white laces would've drawn no special attention if it had been worn by anyone else. But on her the outfit was eye-catching.

She looked over at him, watching him from under half-lowered dark eyelashes. "You know," Her full lips curved into a half smile and her emerald eyes flashed with amusement. "In most cultures it's considered rude to stare."

He shot her his most charming smile. "When it comes to you, who could resist?""

She smiled, and then dissolved into laughter. "That was so corny!"

He couldn't help joining in, the first carefree laugh he'd had in ages. "Okay, so that was bad." He admitted ruefully as he continued to laugh.

"Cait." She said finally. "My name is Cait."


Sam's head jerked up when he heard the almost unfamiliar sound of his brother's laughter. He hadn't heard the sound in months. The girl who was laughing along with Dean wasn't his usual type, but at least she was making him laugh, a feat in and of itself.

Sam shrugged. Weirder things happened all the time. He should know.


"I'm not looking for anything permanent." Cait said between hungry kisses once they had arrived back at her hotel room.

"Neither am I." Dean told her as he pulled her shirt over her head in one quick, clean movement.

"Good." She replied as she unbuttoned his shirt, pulling him towards her and towards the bed as she did so. "Just so we're clear."

"Whatever you say Cait." He told her as they fell onto the bed together, his body covering hers. "I aim to please."


Dean woke to find himself naked in a motel room that wasn't his. He rolled onto his side and caught sight of a piece of paper on the pillow next to him. He read it.

I won't be upset if you don't call

Cait 622-555-5730

He smiled. And, after ruffling his hair with one hand, he pulled on his clothes that were scattered around the room. He remembered every time they'd...every time. From the time on the bed, to the time against the wall, to the time in the shower, he remembered it all.

After he's pulled on his boots, he headed for the door, the note in his pocket. When he stepped outside, he realized that he was just a few doors down from the room he and Sam had rented the night before.

He walked over to their room, knowing that Sam would rib him for just getting in so late/Early.

When he opened the door and slipped inside, a ray of morning sunlight streamed across Sam's face. The sudden bright light made him groan and wake up. He looked up to see his brother framed in the doorway, surrounded by sunlight.

"Sometimes I honestly hate you." Sam said as he rolled over, pulling the pillow over his face.

"Aw, no hug?" He asked, shutting the door behind him.

"Ask that girl from last night, I'm sure she'd be glad to give you one." Sam mumbled into his pillow, barely audible.

"No, she's already gone." Dean said as he picked up his bag and dug through it. He quickly changed his clothes and threw the ones from the night before into the duffel. "So I thought I'd walk back here and bug you a bit before we leave."

"Walk?" Sam asked as he finally gave up on the idea of sleep and climbed out of his bed. "Oh gross, you two were the loud couple a few doors down?" He made a gagging noise. "I need a shower, I feel dirty."

Dean chuckled. "You heard that? Wow. I guess we were a bit...vocal." He smirked at his younger brother.

"Gross." Sam repeated as he headed for the bathroom. "Really, really gross."

When Sam finally came out of the bathroom, Dean was stretched out on his still made bed, watching television.

"So, where are we heading?" Dean asked, not looking away from the show, which involved a heavily muscled bounty hunter tracking criminals through Hawaii.

"Florida, three people in three weeks, each found beaten to death in their motel rooms."

Dean shrugged. "How is it our kind of job?"

Sam caught his brother's eye. "They were all in the same motel, in the same room. All doors and windows locked from the inside and no sign of disturbance in the rooms. Video surveillance shows each one entering the room, and no one else coming or going until the manager comes in to discover their dead bodies."

"Hmm..." Dean replied.


"So," Dean said to the desk clerk as he signed the name 'Ledze Pplen' in the motel register. "Do you ever have any problems with strange noises or flickering lights?"

The man behind the counter looked at him oddly for a second. "You know, you're the second person to ask me that this week." Before Dean could process that information, he continued. "But, yeah, we've been having complaints about those sorts of things for several weeks now."

Dean took the key card on the counter and thanked the man. He exited the motel office, and headed for the car. He was going over what the man had said in the office in his head, but before he could get very far into the ramifications of the conversation, he had reached the car.

"You get the same room those others died in?" Sam asked his brother as he grabbed his bag out of the trunk,

Dean looked at his brother and spoke sarcastically. "No Sammy, I got a different room because this is the first time I've ever hunted."

Sam rolled his eyes. "No need to be a jackass Dean, I was just making sure."

A white '74 Dodge Charger roared down the street past them. Dean and Sam watched it go by with fascination.

"That's a nice ass car." Dean said finally as it rumbled around the corner.

"Yeah." Sam replied, staring at the departing car.

Dean grabbed his bag out of the trunk. "Well, we've got work to do." When Sam continued to stare off in the direction the car disappeared into, he turned back to him. "Come on, get the lead out Sammy."

Sam stared after the car, "I have the strangest feeling about that car, I can't understand it."


"It's been three days Sammy." Dean said as he turned off the TV and dropped the remote back onto the bed. "Nothing's happened."

Sam didn't bother looking up from his laptop screen. "It's Sam, not Sammy." He typed furiously on the keyboard. "I don't understand it. Every ten years for a month straight this hotel turns into a blood bath. Anyone who stays in room 214 during those four weeks ends up dead."

"And yet here we are, alive after three freaking days locked in this room." Dean grumbled as he ran a hand through his hair.

"I don't understand it. By all accounts we should've been confronted by whatever it is that haunts or possesses this motel. Instead we're safe and sound all in one piece." Sam looked at his brother. "Our family is so screwed up if we're upset that we haven't had our lives threatened."

"Whatever. Dude, we have two options, either we talk to the motel manager again, or we set out on a grand adventure to hunt down and kill that damn little Snuggle thing." Dean yawned widely. "I hate that damn little bitch ass Snuggle bear."

"Well, considering that the Snuggle bear is just a corporate logo, I think we better take our first option." Sam said as he shut his computer and stood.

"I bet he's really a demon, just harnessed by the Fabric Softener Company or something." Dean said as he headed out the door.

"Yeah yeah, I've heard this all before." Sam griped as he followed his brother out the door. "Many times." The door shut behind them with a click.


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