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Shippo was bored. And hungry, too. He trotted over to Kagome.

"Hey Kagome, do you have anything to eat?"

So Kagome took out a plastic bag filled with something red and white, which looked absolutely tasty.

"What are those?"

"They're peppermints!" and since Shippo still looked confused, she added, "They're a type of candy."

"Can I have one?" asked Shippo. Kagome took one out, unwrapped it and gave the peppermint to him.

"Hey, don't swallow it whole though. You have to suck it and let it melt."

So Shippo took the candy in his mouth. Then a look of absolute ecstasy crossed his face.

"Do you like it? It was very cheap, only a dollar at the dollar store… Shippo?"

Shippo turned red, then blue, then red again.

"Are you ok?" Shippo slowly opened his mouth. Very very slowly. Then…


"Shippo what the…?" Shippo turned gray, then expanded into pink balloon form. He flew higher and higher and higher… when he was a pink dot in the sky, he stayed there for the whole afternoon. At dinnertime he came down shooting like a rocket. Kagome was there, waiting for him.

"GOD, Shippo don't ever do that again! Well what do you want to eat for dinner?" Shippo thought for a moment. Then he grinned.

"Another peppermint would be nice."

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