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Chapter 7: Bad Connection by: Emsiok (who is very very very sorry for the long wait to update)

"Ellie!" Ellie woke up with a jolt as Nancy pulled the covers off of her excitedly.

"Nance! Let me sleep!" Ellie grumbled, scrambling to pull the covers back over her head. Why did she feel so miserable? Oh, yeah, she had just broken up with A. William Wagner, that's why.

"Okay, fine, stay in bed all day. Not that it matters that your best friend ever is only going to be here for a week, one day of which we have all ready spent complaining about the terible attitudes of the men in our life."

Ellie groaned and pulled the covers off her head. "Fine," she snapped. "What do you want to do?"

"Whoa, now, no need for nastiness."

Ellie rolled her eyes and began to get dressed. Yesterday was still on her mind. After she had talked to Nancy, she had done pretty much nothing, just moped pathetically around her house. She wondered what Will was doing right now. Was he thinking about her? Was he sorry?

Probably not. He was probably off making out with Jen. Yeah, Jen had probably come over to 'comfort' him and they were probably still sprawled on his couch making out. God she was such a skank!

Ellie shook her head, trying to clear the nasty, vindictive thoughts. Jen wouldn't do that. Neither of them would. Will wasn't the kind of guy to go and make out with his old ex-girlfriend hours after his new ex-girlfriend had broken up with him after a long relationship over the possibility of his new ex-girlfriend's best friend being a reincarnation bent on destroying his old ex-girlfriend because of her infidelity to her new boyfriend with his best friend's new ex-girlfriend's brother.

And Jen… well, technically she was the sort to cheat on her boyfriend, but she probably wouldn't do that. Again.

Just then, Ellie's phone rang. She rushed over to pick it up.

"Ellie?!?" an excited voice rang out.

"Yes?" Ellie said cautiously.

"Oh my God! You did not break up with Will!"

"Oh hey Jen. Yeah, I did."

"Ellie! You can't break up with him! You two made such a cute couple!"

Ellie rolled her eyes. She really, really did not want to deal with Jen this early in the morning. "Yeah, well, sorry, but it's over. It's just not going to work out."

"Ellie, seriously, you really can't break up with him! Look, Lance is talking to him right now… hold on… Okay, Lance is talking to him, and he says he sounds really upset about the whole thing."

"Jen, I really don't want to talk about this!"

"Ellie!" Jen barked in hyer most imperious voice. "We are going to talk about this!"

"Fine!" Ellie sighed, resigned. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Why did you two break up?"

"Look, Jen, this is really between me and Will. Not any of your business. And Will knows why we broke up."

"Yeah, Lance says he won't tell him either… hold on…" Ellie heard Jen talking to Lance, "No, she doesn't sound too happy about it. She's pretty set about not getting back together. No! Lance, do not tell him that! Oh for goodness sakes, give me that! Ellie, you there? Will?"

Ellie heard some indistinct mumbling.

"Aw, Will that is sooo sweet! I'll tell her. Ellie, Will says he doesn't care about any of that stuff, he just wants to get back together."

"Yeah, well, unfortunately I do not see that happening."

"Umm, yeah, sorry Will, she says no." Indistinct mumbling. "Oh now Will! It's not that bad!" More mumbling. "Yeah, I'm sure she'll come around!"

"Will not!"

"Ellie, hush. Yeah, she did just say that. No, I'm sure she doesn't mean it."

"Look, we obviously have very different views on certain… issues… and I don't see us getting together because obviously neither of our views are going to change."

"She says you guys have different views on stuff and you can't get back together because of that. Mmhmm." Mumbling. "Yeah." More mumbling. "Okay, Ellie, Will says he really doesn't care. He doesn't think it's that big of a deal and he wants to get back together."

Ellie couldn't listen to this anymore. It was just making her crazy. Upset, and somewhat angry. "Look, Jen, I've got to go. I'll talk to you leter, okay?"