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"Lasses first," said Jack, as he grinned and opened the door for her.

"Thank you, Captain," replied Scarlet, as she glided into the spacious cabin that only Jack could put together. It had maps floating around the room, either crumpled up on the floors, caught under his chairs, or laying flat out on his desk under a compass. In addition, of course, a few empty bottles of rum lay spread out all over the floor. Some actually containing a few drops of the liquid that now stained the walkway.

"Ye never walk, do ye, luv?" questioned Jack, grinning, as he followed in behind her and locked the door. He then slid the key into his inside coat pocket and patted the spot, as he looked over Scarlet.

"Never, Jack. It is not my style, as you very well know," Scarlet responded, a bit more relaxed now, and she took a seat in front of his desk. She sat up very tall, as if she had come from noble breeding, and kept one foot tucked behind the other as she sat. No other woman that had visited Jack had ever had such lady- like manners as her, and it was very clear to the captain of the Black Pearl, as he walked around her and touched her shoulder to find that she kept the same calm composure.

Jack then grabbed a bottle of rum off of his desk and slowly started to circle her, letting his eyes run up and down her form. He tried to remember her as best as he could. Slowly things were coming back to him, but the bits and pieces were missing to complete the big picture for him. Oh well, at least he could enjoy looking over the lovely form of his former…. friend. Friend? Was that really in Jack's vocabulary? Well, for the time being, he could not think of another word to describe his previous relationship with her. Instead, he focused more so on the physical side to things.

Scarlet sat there quietly, letting him do as he pleased. What the drunkish captain was doing did not bother her one bit; she was used to that sort of treatment, especially from men. Although, she did rather enjoy him doing it, as he tried to suppress a grin and failing miserably. "What makes ye so tense, luv?" asked Jack, breaking the silence, as he sat on the edge of his desk, fingering his bottle of rum before lifting it to his lips.

"You very well know that I do not discuss my personal life, Jack," replied Scarlet, as stern as she had earlier that day.

"Whoa… calm down, lass. I didn't mean any harm," responded Jack, leaning back and putting his hands out in front of him in defense.

"Of course you did not, Captain," Scarlet said coldly.

"What's wrong with ye, luv?" asked Jack, calmly, and leaning in to her to show he was there to comfort her.

"It is nothing… nothing," replied Scarlet, beginning to pull back into herself. She then turned to the side of her chair and bent her head down to her chest as she somewhat wrapped her arms around her knees.

Jack tapped his fingers against his bottle of rum as he looked over the scared form of the other captain. She seemed to have become a timid mouse over the past few minutes ever since he had started to question her with personal questions. What was it that was making her act this way? He could not remember a time when she acted like this. Normally, she was the one who made others act like that. Well, maybe it had to do with Jack's sexy form that was irresistible to women. Jack of course let out a grin thinking that thought and suppressed a little laugh. He knew he was a god in human form and most definitely acted like it. Of course, that was how he escaped most of his adventures. Acting like a fool, but pretending to know what he was doing. That was what he was best at. Give ol' Jack a word or two and he could come up with a whole reason to let everyone release him and go after someone else.

But that was not what was important right now. It was trying to figure out what was bothering Scarlet. "Something is bothering ye, luv. I've known ye longer than any other captain, and ye've never acted like this…. Especially around me," said Jack, finally breaking the silence between the two of them.

"Jack…." Started Scarlet, quietly, looking down at the floor. "It seems my past is finally catching up with me…"

"Well, of course it has! Ye ran into ol' Jack. How much more catching up do ye need?" asked Jack, with a bit of a laugh in his voice, treating it as a joke.

"My good, sir…" Scarlet began, looking up. "The situation refers back to before we had the pleasure of meeting one another."

This had caught Jack's attention, because she had never spoken to him with such a regal manor before. Was this really the same woman he had encountered all of those years ago? No, it could not have been. Scarlet did always have more lady like manors, but never acted as if she were of noble blood. Wait a moment… the thought dawned on Jack. He never really knew about Scarlet's past. All he knew was she had run away from her family and resided in Tortuga for a few months before he had met her. "Then maybe you should tell me about it, luv…" responded Jack, looking into her eyes, trying to figure her out.

Scarlet took a deep breath and then started, "My name is not really Scarlet Sea, Jack."

Jack's jaw slackened a bit, at the surprise. Then a moment later pulled himself together and asked, "What is your name?"

"My name, Captain Sparrow, is Lady Isabelle Benign of London, England."

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