((Only one announcement. Enjoy.))

It's so funny how things can end so abruptly. I didn't necessarily agree with your crazy methods, but I would have followed you to the ends of the earth, and yet you wouldn't let me. You're always trying to protect me.

There won't be anyone to protect me now. They're all dead…

Diego died in the loft of the barn.

Papa died bailing hay behind the barn.

Mama died trying to sell chicken eggs in town.

Santiago was decapitated in the hall of water.

Bitores was dismembered.

Andre was shot. I saw his body near Santiago's.

Mercedes killed herself.

Criston disappeared.

Ramon turned into some horrible monster…

And you…

What is it that you turned into? A spider? You know I hate spiders. You can be such a jerk when you don't use your head. Who made you boss anyway? I certainly didn't. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the boss.

At least I got to kiss you goodbye. I hear lots of stories where people lose their loved ones and never got to say goodbye. We did. I just didn't expect it to be the last one.

The town is empty. Barren. It's like a ghost town. I find remnants of people I know everywhere.

I'm glad I didn't see you transform, though. I probably would have fainted, then what would you have done? Just promise me, in whatever way you can, that you fought your hardest. You always made me promise to fight my hardest. Did you?

I have to stop now, the nurse has arrived. She's probably going to try and feed me oatmeal again. I hate oatmeal. I like Mama's cream of wheat with strawberry sauce much better. Don't you? I love you. I miss you.